Conquering Darkness Truthathon Part 8 -Operation Good Oil – Gabrielle Thompson, Daniel Reurich & Karl Barkley

In these interviews, Hannah and Kelvyn talk to three members of Operation Good Oil. They are also the Collective Action for Energy Sustainability (CAFES), working to take back the Marsden Point oil refinery for the good of all New Zealanders.

Three members of this group, Gabrielle Thompson, Daniel Reurich and Karl Barkley, describe the woeful situation New Zealand’s energy security. We are sitting on vast reserves of oil and could be energy-independent for centuries, but this is not what is wanted by the globalists who would prefer us to use inefficient windmills and solar panels and drive cars with heavy lithium batteries. They are also not unhappy if we pay vastly inflated prices for imported oil rather than using our own.

The owners of Marsden Point, Chanel Infrastructure, closed Marsden Point, NZ’s only oil refinery on May 30th, 2022. Around that time petrol prices went to the max, and people need to realise how all of us will be impacted if the supply of imported refined fuel runs out. If ships stop coming to New Zealand, we will have no more than eight days supply left.

Operation Good Oil is dedicated to applying pressure on the government to reopen the refinery. Karl Berkley, speaking from the van that is his home, his office and his means of crossing throughout NZ, has led the campaign to buy shares in Chanel Infrastructure so that through public ownership Kiwis can exert pressure on the company to change its present policies. Chanel Infrastructure is holding an Annual General Meeting in Wellington on 30th April ,and Karl will be putting forward a motion at that that they look into researching what it would take to getting the refinery going again. The major plant is still there and he hopes it can be reinstated for about $1 billion.

Shares can be bought for just $10 or so. To contribute to this important project, go to

Stay right to the end for a special announcement from a former fictional New Zealand Prime Minister.


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