Conquering Darkness Truthathon Part 5 – BONUS: Pascal Najadi – Switzerland, Trump, and the Fight Against the Deep State Treason

“We are the Guardians of Humanity and our light obliterates the darkness of evil and treason.” Pascal Najadi

This is the interview that was scheduled to conclude our Truthathon but had to be postponed. Pascal Najadi speaks for over an hour (he also chatted with Kelvyn, Mike B and Counterspin Zulu at length after the interview had finished) and gives a wide-ranging overview of what is happening in the world behind the scenes.

Stay until the very end to hear what was said when the formal interview concluded. 

Pascal, a former international banker, starts with speaking about how he became involved in fighting the Swiss government after he realised Covid 19 was a scam and that the “vaccine” was a dangerous bio-weapon released against the people of the world.

According to Pascal and others, President Trump’s executive orders have brought about an alliance of more than 30 countries that are at war – not in the usual sense of a war against people but one that is being waged against what President Trump called “the invisible enemy”, the deep state. We are in the final stages of that war and close to the time when everything will be seen in public. There will be days of darkness – days when the internet is down and people are confined to their homes – but we should have beer and champagne at the ready for only good things will be happening at this time.

We ask him questions that are specifically about New Zealand and whether the events that he predicts for other parts of the world will also play out here at the same time. Pascal speaks in praise of the NZ military forces. Most of us only see how the armed forces in this country have been weakened by successive socialist governments, but Pascal tells us we should have pride in what our armed forces, sworn to secrecy so that even their own families may not be aware of what is happening, are doing against the enemies of humanity. NZ too is a member of the global alliance under the leadership of the Commander in Chief, Donald Trump.

We also ask him where is Jacinda Ardern!

This is an interview you will not want to miss. For those who are sceptics, Pascal gives links to sources of information which can be followed up through one’s own research. These sources are not speculation but “.gov” statements clearly displayed on the official White House website. If Joe Biden was really in charge, why would they be there?


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