Conquering Darkness Truthathon Part 3 – Maria Zeee: Neuro-digital Convergence, Transhumanism, and the Emergence of the UN’s “AI World Society”

In this cutting edge conversation, Maria Zee speaks with Kelvyn and Hannah about the transhumanism ambitions of the United Nations.

Whether we like it or not, there are aggressive plans already underway, and rapidly increasing in momentum, to force humanity into full bio-digital convergence.

These plans are much more nefarious, and much further along than you may be aware.

The key to defeating these plans is to firstly understand them.

Topics covered:

– digital id,

– bio-digital and neuro-digital convergence/transhumanism,

– the development of methods to enforce this agenda, to be facilitated through the “World Authority for Digital Governance”,

– the UN100 initiative, called “remaking the world, in the age of global enlightenment”

– the important emergence of the UN’s “AI World Society”,

– the solution.

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