Conquering Darkness Truthathon Part 2 – Kym Staton on his film “The Trust Fall: Julian Assange”

The Truthathon is ramping up now with our next guest shifting the spotlight onto the threats to the core of our basic human rights, freedom of speech.

Kym Staton, director and filmmaker for Films for Change tells us of his  passion for creating documentaries that has led him to create the inspiring and confronting movie “The Trust Fall: Julian Assange”, exposing the judicial farce and shocking persecution of journalist and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Film Synopsis:

The Trust Fall: Julian Assange” is a documentary that examines the life and work of Australian journalist and publisher Julian Assange.

Despite being detained and silenced in maximum security Belmarsh Prison, he has become the loudest voice for free speech as he’s risked everything to bring truth to light through WikiLeaks.

The film explores the impact of his disclosures on governments and individuals, as well as the wider issues around press freedom that affect us all.

Featuring interviews with experts and luminaries including Daniel Ellsberg, John Pilger, Tariq Ali, Chris Hedges, Jennifer Robinson, Jill Stein, Stefania Maurizi, Nils Melzer, Stella Assange, John Shipton, and Gabriel Shipton, the film invites viewers to embark on an unprecedented journey of understanding, leading to an unexpected destination.

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