Conquering Darkness Truthathon – Part 18  The Finalé – Voices from South East Asia and a fond farewell

Tanya Lat – Philippines

Tanya Lat  is a lawyer and professor of legal ethics in the Philippines. She feels that in the Philippines, many people believe we’re in a spiritual war, a battle between good and evil. 

These are the people in the Philippines who are awake, but they’re not the elites, not the educated. They’re ordinary security guards, street sweepers, taxi drivers who are wide awake to the agenda,and can see through the pandemic scam. Whereas, the wealthier more affluent sectors of society do not want to lose their wealth, money and power so they remain blind to the truth. She describes how those who’re humble,  have faith and seek truth will prevail.

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Iris Koh – Singapore

Iris Koh speaks about the legal manoeuvring taking place in Singapore that would allow an easier path for political figures to become members of foreign organisations, such as the World Economic Forum [WEF] through the ‘Moonlight Law.

Iris wants the law abolished.

She is also involved with the ‘healing the divide’ initiative in Singapore for the protection of medical rights.

Singapore is said to be somewhat of a police state, so Iris’s bravery is admirable given the dangers of speaking out in such a way.

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And in the final act of the Truthathon, Hannah & Kelvyn bring on one year old baby Storm for a cameo appearance and Mike B returns for a closing poem.


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