Conquering Darkness Truthathon – Part 15 – Mark Quinn – Challenging Councils New Zealand & Operation Tipping Point

Kelvyn and Hannah are joined by New Zealander Mark Quinn as he outlines his plan for ‘Challenging Councils New Zealand’. 

Mark exposes the corruption and unlawful nature of councils in a direct and confronting way. He refers to the transition to ‘Operation Tipping Point,’ for direct action. This connects to the great work undertaken by ‘The Law Counsel’

Challenging Councils New Zealand is a grassroots movement that aims to empower ratepayers across the country. Regardless of their backgrounds, passions, or affiliations, they come together to advocate for change and hold local councils accountable. The group’s goal is to return democracy to the ratepayer and address issues related to local government debt and decision-making. While they are not a political party, their mission is to unite and challenge councils across New Zealand, ensuring transparency and accountability in local governance.

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