Conquering Darkness Truthathon – Part 13 – Sasha Latypova  – The Official  “Pandemic” Narrative is Based on Lies, Deceptions, and Flawed Data

Former pharmaceutical and medical device R&D executive Sasha Latypova joins Kelvyn and Hannah to outline the corruption within the pharmaceutical industry and its ties to alphabet agencies and agendas. 

She highlights how many safeguards are bypassed when bringing new ‘vaccines’ to the marketplace,  exposing Covid-19 myths and implications for health, society, human rights. 

She questions official sources like WHO & CDC’s testing methods, case numbers, death rates, vaccine safety, effectiveness. 

Apart from exploring scientific aspects such as alternative treatments, environmental factors, nutrition, immune system, adverse effects of vaccines etc, she also delves into the legal and ethical issues of mandates and passports, and the global agenda behind the pandemic involving various actors and interests, media manipulation, censorship, propaganda, disinformation campaigns, surveillance systems, digital identity infrastructure. 

She urges people to expose and challenge official narrative, seek truthful information from credible sources, join and support grassroots initiatives that advocate for health freedom, human rights, democracy, resist tyranny and oppression.”

Sasha also enjoys some light-hearted humour with the hosts as they mock mainstream media, and finally the interview rounds out with some  interesting revelations about 15 minute cities.

You can find Sasha’s work on Substack:

And stay to the end for a special appearance from a Fictional Former New Zealand Prime Minister giving his views on the state state of modern media corruption, and how Counterspin is the solution.


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