Conquering Darkness Truthathon Part 12 – Greg Reese – The More We Learn, the Less We Know… They Are Deceiving Us! contributor Greg Reese, the master of the information-packed mini documentary, joins Kelvyn and Hannah to discuss his work. Greg provides an insight into his inquisitive mind and he says the more he learns, the less he knows.

Greg has undertaken many deep-dives into a vast range of subjects and has come to the conclusion that the majority of what is presented to the public, are lies. This is the reason he does what he does.

This conversation delves into the depths of hidden knowledge, secret societies and into out of this world non-human beings, and he even delivers and interesting perspective on “White Hats & Black Hats”.

You can follow Greg’s work and find the links to his various platforms below:

Stay to the very end for a word from our favourite fictional former New Zealand Prime Minister if you haven’t already seen it.


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