Conquering Darkness Truthathon Part 10 – Dissecting the WHO & other Globalists – Samantha Costello, James Roguski, and Barry Young

Counterspin contributor, Samantha Costello, Health New Zealand whistleblower Barry Young, and James Roguski, a man detirmined to Stop the WHO… dissect the World Health Organisation, and other Globalists.

James is an expert on the upcoming International Health Regulation Amendments, as well as the Pandemic Treaty.

These two instruments are set to have enormous repercussions on all member states of the WHO, as it jostles to be installed as the completely unaccountable, overarching governing authority of the world.

We also hear from Barry Young, the man who designed the New Zealand Ministry of Health pay-per-dose Covid19 vaccine database . Barry stood up, spoke out, and blew the whistle when evidence of jab related deaths began to pour in.

Stay right the end to hear a former fictional New Zealand Prime minister and Winston Peters, bitch slap TVNZ’s 1News Simon Dallow!

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