Call To Action – Get to Wellington Now!

Get to Wellington now!
Go join the peaceful FREEDOM loving New Zealanders, and see for yourself.
Witness the evil thuggery of Taxcinda/Coster’s henchmen, unlawfully acting as imposters wearing the good New Zealand Police uniform.
Then take the actual truth back with you, and share it everywhere.
The fear porn lying propaganda peddling MSM, funded by your tax dollars to the tune of about $150 million and climbing.

Show and tell the world who the MSM are now with their criminal deceit.

Staring into the camera each night with a cold evil psychopathic gaze with no soul. Knowingly spewing pure evil to harm the good people of New Zealand as instructed by their evil masters.

Make no mistake: Each and everyone of them will have their hearing at the Nuremberg Trials that are coming, when they get dealt to by the people.

Good will prevail over evil and the outcome for the evil ones who know who they are will not be good for them.
The Nuremberg Trials took place over a 12 year period where each and everyone of the evil ones were tried convicted and dealt to accordingly.