BREAKING: New Zealand Jab Data Whistleblower Released from Prison

After the publication of data leaked from New Zealand’s quaintly named Te Whatu Ora (Health New Zealand – a division of the Ministry of Health), on Thursday 30th November (NZDT) the New Zealand government has been left scrambling to cover this event up by limiting media coverage in New Zealand and even claiming they have injunctions to prevent all internet providers on the planet to shut this data release down. Good luck for that.

Of course, New Zealand’s own pixie dust fairy princess, Jacinda Ardern is at the centre of this travesty, and as she cut and ran from New Zealand politics to lead a global attack on free speech and truth in the media, she will be campaigning for even greater “misinformation” restrictions to cover her own slimy steps.

However, this data was carefully analysed, anonymised, and time shifted to prevent personal information from being released into the public domain. The data has already been handed over to a multitude of research organisations and is reportedly the best trove of official government data on the COVID scandal released so far.

The New Zealand government is claiming and charging the whistleblower with ‘accessing a computer system for dishonest purposes’. The people of New Zealand, and the world, are thanking the Whistleblower, Barry Young, (formerly known as Winston Smith), for is his courage in releasing this data , to the wider public for full scrutiny.

In this report, we hear directly from Barry and then we show a full timeline of events released yesterday on how all these events played out. Tune into The Alex Jones show on Tuesday at 11 am Central Time in US or 6 am NZDT to hear interviews with Barry Young (at 12pm Central), Liz Gunn (at 1pm Central), the journalist and politician who arranged the release, and Counterspin’s own Hannah Spierer (at 2pm Central) for updates to this story as it develops.


Update December 6th, 2023:

Barry Young, Steve Kirsch and Liz Gunn we interviewed by Alex Jones live on his show, and then the Alex Jones Show 4th hour guest host Maria Zee, interveiewed Counterspin Media’s own Hannah Spierer for the full hour.

These interviews may be found here:

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