Baby Will TRUTH-A-THON Part 4: Sue Grey, Baby Will’s family lawyer, Dissects the Mainstream Media

Part 4:

Baby Will’s family’s lawyer Sue Grey worked very hard to help the family get the unvaccinated blood they wanted for their baby, which was a safer form of medical treatment than what the government was offering. Names of the family and their baby whilst talking about the court proceedings was suppressed by Judge Ian Gault during the second hearing, and as she is representing the family in court, she is an “officer of the court” and unable to comment directly on the proceedings.

However, Sue joined us during the truth-a-thon to discuss the media coverage and how she was treated during interviews by MSM.


The Baby Will story went viral at the beginning of Dec 2022, when he was kidnapped by the NZ state, under a court order, and forced to have a vaccinated blood transfusion against his parents’ wishes, for the urgent lifesaving heart surgery he needed.

Counterspin Media wanted to do all we could to support Free NZ to get this story out, so we collaborated to produce a 12 hour TRUTH-A-THON to raise money for the family and get global experts on to discuss the issues that were concerning Will’s parents Samantha Savage and Cole Reeves. The event extended to 14 hours with the arrival and David Icke who generously capped off the event. Support the Baby Will’s family:

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