BREAKING: Baby Will on the Alex Jones Show

Sam and her son Baby Will are locked up in Starship Children’s Hospital because they refuse to use vaccinated blood for his life saving surgery.

Sam along with her husband Cole featured on the Alex Jones show this morning for a full hour along with Liz Gunn from

On evening of Dec 7, the devastating news came through that the State would be in charge of baby Will’s guardianship for the operation and post-op care.

They will go agead without the unvaccinated blood supplied by donors organised by the family.

Liz Gunn from Free NZ sat down with the lawyer of Baby Will’s family last night to get the latest update on the case.

Here is the latest update from the family’s lawyer Sue Grey:

Support the family at

Counterspin Media & FreeNZ held a 14 hour truth-a-thon featuring international names like Steve Kirsch, whistle blower Sasha Latyapova & David Icke.

NZ locals included NZDSOS, legal experts Sue Grey, the family’s lawyer, Matthew Hague & Amy Benjamin.

The announcement has left many NZ people devastated and understandably angry, but you can take action:
ph 095235744 or 0800448325

Prime Minister: [email protected]

Starship Children’s Hospital: [email protected]

Fundraising foundation: [email protected]

Health + Disability Commissioner: [email protected]

Minister of Health: [email protected]

Last Sunday, Counterspin Media, Free NZ Media and the UFP, United Freedom Press hosted a 13 hour live Truthathon live stream to gather testimony from experts around NZ and the world. Watch here:

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