Ardern’s Hand Picked Judge Refuses to listen to these Doctors

Liz Gunn of Free NZ Media speaks with Dr Kirk Milhoan & Dr John Kupferschmid, two US-based medical professionals with a wealth of experience in Pediatric Cardiology.

They give their expert opinion on Baby Will’s case, based on the pertinent information they received and observed & they speak on the lack of any real clarity on the safety of spike protein in the blood.

Crucially, they highlight the importance of finding a middle ground that works for all parties involved, especially in a situation of high stress and tension for a mother and child.

This interview, last night, was presented as an important second medical opinion, differing from the Starship doctors’ view that Baby Will was in need of urgent and immediate surgery.

The two US specialists strongly maintained that while he required an operation on his heart, he would be within the margin of safety to wait up to three weeks, after Christmas. Starship said he needed an operation within days; these highly experienced American specialists said it was clear to them that it could be done within weeks.

They felt the more important factor for success was for the mother and baby to have time to relax and calm from all the stress in Starship, and to go into the operation in a state that would ensure Baby Will’s rapid and healthy recovery from such a major piece of surgery.

Their conclusions were drawn from in-depth study of Baby Will’s medical records, and records of his vitals, as well as an extended visual analysis of him over a video call. They did say they still needed to see the Echo (Echocardiogram) but they were both separately satisfied that Baby Will fell into the Less Urgent category of the thousands of pediatric heart patients they have served.

Judge Ian Gault rejected this, and instead added an extra permission, in an urgent judicial sitting that went late into the night, giving the state-appointed guardian, the Starship doctors, the right to use police enforcement on this family and around this 4-month-old heart baby.

Justice Ian Gault’s background includes working as a lawyer consulting on Labour Government’s policies on the COVID 19 response and Climate Change.