ALP’S YELP – Kelvyn’s 100 minute Rant: NZ Freedom vs Truth Movements

Caution advised – strong language.

Counterspin Media host Kelvyn Alp channels his inner Alex Jones and lets rip on air.

His frustration and exhaustion is evident, after Counterspin Media had been working their guts out in support of Liz Gunn and Lawyer Sue Grey, to try and get a victory for baby Will & his family, which sadly never came.

He pulls no punches as he lays waste to many within the ‘Freedom Movement’ and states he is part of the ‘Truth Movement’ & calls out the shills, pretenders, and detractors.

The tech genius behind the scenes also weighs in.

His live rant has resonated with many who are also just as frustrated and angry at the state of the nation and indeed the world.

The truth hurts, and when a baby’s life hangs in the balance, the gloves come off, and it’s no holds barred!

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