A top New Zealand Disinformation Guru admits Counterspin Media & Alex Jones are Winning the Infowar.

New Zealand’s NewsHub TV news dragged out of the basement or from under the foot bridge outside your child’s school New Zealand’s top misinformation troll Byron C Clark to comment on the recent arrest of Counterspin media hosts Hannah Spierer and Kelvyn Alp.

Without thinking he managed to confirm that Counterspin Media AND Alex Jones are winning the infowar and the numbers of people getting caught up in “conspiracy theories” is growing. But rest assured, Byron has some comforting tips to help those who are not buying the mainstream and government BS narrative.

Link to the full story from NewsHub: https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2022/08/anti-government-activity-protests-not-going-away-anytime-soon-says-disinformation-researcher-byron-clark.amp.html

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