A Conversation with a Warrior – Barry Duffield

Samantha Edwards Repoerts #1

Ever since he was he fell ill after taking the jab, Big Pharma has attacked Barry Duffield from many different angles. He’s taken some massive blows, but still he keeps fighting like the warrior he is.

Samantha Edwards has produced this two-part interview with Barry; the first part filmed late November ’22, and the update section at the end filmed a month later.

Barry Duffield is an actor, screenwriter, producer, and author who has starred in many shows, including Shortland Street, Xena, – but most notably as Lugo, in the Spartacus series.

In this interview, Barry not only talks about his devastating jab injuries, but he also opens up about his nightmare journey that resulted from medications prescribed to combat these injuries. Medications that very nearly took his life.

This conversation reveals another aspect of Big Pharma’s assault on humanity. It reveals startling truth that touches on a potential cause of the astronomical rise in suicide rates around the world.

The update segment talks about a possible treatment on the horizon. But unfortunately, it’s very expensive, and at this stage, not something he can afford.

So we’ve set up a crowdfunding page for Barry, in the hopes that he might be able to access this desperately needed treatment.

Please be assured that 100% of any money raised will go directly to Barry.