Conquering Darkness Truthathon Part 4 – Aussie Cossack: From protest to prison, political asylum. and to Russia with Love

These days, Aussie Cossack, (Simeon Boikov) is spending his days inside the Russian Consulate in Sydney.

Kelvyn and Hannah talk with Simeon about the events that see him nearing his 450th day in political asylum.

He may not be freely walking the streets, but he is still fighting the good fight – as hard as ever.

Simeon also shares the truth about Russia’s stance in global current events.

Is Putin a friend of the World Economic Forum?

Is he a player in the globalist takeover of the world – or is he holding the line, and pushing back?

Kelvyn, Hannah and Simeon discuss what life is truly like in Russia, and look behind the lies of our mainstream media’s portrayal of the Russia-Ukraine war.

They also discuss the shocking level of de-militarization that has taken place across the world, in accordance with the UN Disarmament programme – as a result of globalist-aligned nations surrendering their weapons and finances to Ukraine.

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