Discrimination at the Bolton Hotel Wellington

Management of the Bolton Hotel showed discrimination against a mother and her special needs son during check in.
Yesterday a mother checked in to the Bolton Hotel in Wellington New Zealand, after making her reservation through an online curation service.

Before traveling she had done her research of the terms and conditions required online, and paid for both her and her special needs son to undertake a R.A.T. test.
Both test results were negative.

After driving over 500km for 6 1/2 hours with her special needs son, and needing to rest,
she was met by a shameful display of diaper wearing muppets.
She and her son were kicked out of the hotel.

Yes the hotel did make a verbal offer to help her find alternative accommodation, but it’s discrimination against her and her son, from her correct decision to protect both herself and her son. from chemical harm to their bodies, by avoiding the potentially lethal injection, is cruel, abusive, and wrong.
This is disgusting, boycott The Bolton Hotel Wellington!.

Will the Bolton Hotel grow some kahoonies and do the right thing now?
Invite her and her son to stay free of charge and wake up to a full breakfast on the house each morning.
Forward an apology to us here: [email protected]

We will be happy to update this story, telling the world that the Bolton Hotel have stopped their discrimination?, Come to their senses, joining to stand with the majority of New Zealanders, and done right, by extending a warm welcome to all other travelers who may now wish to stay and spend money at their establishment.

Memo to management:
Take the diapers off, they make you look silly, open your eyes and ears,
maybe go visit all the great peaceful loving New Zealanders at Camp FREEDOM and make some new friends. Its just a block away nearby, and the walk in the sun and fresh air will do you good. Stop sucking on the coolade of stupidity, and get with the program guys.

You can contact the hotel here directly:
0800 99 66 22 (NZ Only)
+64 4 472 9966 (International)
[email protected]
Tell them what you think of their discrimination!