New Zealand: Are You Going To Fall For “SAFE AND EFFECTIVE” All Over Again?

by Mike Bee

The Labour Party is “in it for us”. The other side is going to get the country “back on track again”. And, because Winston Peters is the only alternative candidate who has any chance of success, any vote given to one of the minor parties other than his party is “a wasted vote”.

These three statements are all of them lies in the same way that “safe and effective” was a lie. When one of them doesn’t work anymore, the next kicks in. And unless all three of them can be seen by a good number pf people for what they really are – psychological operations to condition our response in a desired way – our future is dire.

The first lie has little power anymore, and a very large number of New Zealanders have woken up to its ridiculousness. Jacinda Ardern fooled the majority of Kiwis three years ago, but we are wiser now. We have experienced first-hand where the machinations of this dangerous psychopathic woman have taken us. Like a child burning itself on the stove and learning from this that some things are unpleasantly hot, we are not going to fall for that one again.

But here the second lie kicks in. Normal Kiwi behaviour dictates that the country switch from red to blue every couple of election cycles, and this irrational action is deeply conditioned into us. After seeing where one party’s propaganda has taken us, we then fall for the propaganda of the other bunch, get burnt again and choose to put ourselves back where we started in an endless cycle of rinse and repeat that has been going on for generations.

Things have been so horrible since the last election that this could be the election in which we break the pattern. Labour politicians were never in it for the good of the country – they were in it for BlackRock and the sweet deals they were promised if they sold us out to Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. Having tasted the fruits of the evil tree that Red Chris has been offering us, do we have to go through the same painful learning experiences all over again with Blue Chris? After burning ourselves on the frying-pan, do we then have to go get burnt in the fire?

Blue Chris has exactly the same background of loyalty to the globalist interests that are destroying our country as Red Chris. These professional politicians who inhabit all the major parties are not in it for us – they are traitors to the best interests of New Zealanders, and a good number of them will find themselves one day before a people’s court, being judged for their criminal acts. An ever-increasing number of Kiwis now understands this. It has dawned on many that the two major parties and their various appendages are but two faces of the same evil, manipulative creature called the New Zealand Uniparty.

So much, then, for the second lie which is only slowly losing its grip. But now, if a number of Kiwis have seen through the first two lies, this is the time for the third lie to kick in. Winston, our kingmaker of old, will save us, and he alone. It is folly to expect anyone else to rise above the 5% threshold and be able to get a foot in the door of Parliament.

Winston Peters is indeed saying many good things this time round. He gives a credible explanation for why it was not possible to go into coalition with National in 2017, and he is calling for a proper investigation into the government’s actions during the covid plandemic. He understands the destruction that will be wrought on the nation through following both the home-grown divisiveness of racist ideology and the world-communist prescriptions of the WHO, WEF and United Nations. Unlike Chris Luxon he’s not a fan of Bill Gates and puts New Zealand’s interests before those of overseas billionaires. It’s his last rodeo, and he may well have a key role to play in it before he rides off into the sunset. But is there really nothing else worth supporting?

Commentators over the last few weeks, both on mainstream and alternative media, have been working hard to tell us that we are foolish to look to anything else. Assisted by fake polls and fake debates to which smaller parties are not invited (and probably in anticipation of fake election-counting to come) certain influential people have been doing all they can to promote the third great lie, the third nasty psy-op against the New Zealand people.

Obviously, if everyone thinks there is no point in not voting for small parties, then the small parties will remain forever outside of the political system. How do we free ourselves from the power of this lie? The first thing would be to stop thinking in terms of parties. The whole concept of political parties is a fiendishly clever idea, dreamt up by those who do not wish the powers-that-be to lose any of their power. The present political system creates nothing but divisiveness. One day the people will be able to change to something different, but in the meantime we are stuck with a broken system while we work to find the way to fix it and get things moving in a different direction.

Liz Gunn offers this country an alternative to the old system of party politics. Yes, New Zealand Loyal is forced to call itself a party and appear in an election among other parties, but to experience how ordinary Kiwis are now turning to Liz’s vision of New Zealand is to sense that something is being born that is entirely different from the old party loyalties that have been in existence till now. The birth of this party at this very moment in history heralds the coming into being of entirely new ways of government for the people of New Zealand. The future is fraught with many perils as the dying system refuses to give up its power without a colossal struggle, but in New Zealand Loyal we have something that New Zealanders can gradually take hold of at deeper and deeper levels as they come to understand more clearly the nature of the beast that has been ruling until now. Here is government, not by those who think of themselves as “ėlites”, but by men and women who do not want to be politicians of the old stamp but who see they have a role to play in the great transformative events that are going on in New Zealand and around the world at this moment in history.

There are other minor parties, and some of them have good ideas. Why do I single out Liz Gunn and New Zealand Loyal? It is difficult to put one’s finger on why something feels so incredibly different. Sometimes, when ordinary words are inadequate, I can only call upon the help of the Angels and craft things in a different way. This was written in early September:

You can know someone
by knowing those
to whom they are loyal.

We are being asked today
to widen enormously
the circle of those that our loyalty encompasses.

She appears before us
holding up to us our country –
our country that has been so desperately divided.
She asks, “Which of you here will be loyal to New Zealand?”

We dig deep into our hearts.
We decide that we will join her
with a greater loyalty than we’ve ever felt before.

This land that we love is tormented by traitors.
They are cutting it into pieces and dividing its people.
We will stand against them; through love we will defeat them.
For the call has gone out: Who is loyal to New Zealand?

This land has indeed been tormented by traitors – political manipulators skilled in the arts of dividing us against each other. New Zealand Loyal is not so much a party as a pure expression of what is sometimes called “people power”. People power is not a slogan to be shouted on the street but a path that opens up when the majority of the people, those who can be called the Ninety-nine percent, decide they will not go along anymore with something that is causing them harm. In those inspiring words of the American Declaration of Independence, people will bear many injustices until they finally reach a time when it is not possible to endure further tyranny:

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is [the people’s] right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security…

We are children of God and were never meant to be ruled by tyrants. Self-government is the means by which the people give themselves greater efficiency in working together, but if the trust between government and governed, the “consent of the governed” is ever broken so badly that the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, it becomes not just a right but a duty for the people to cast the old system off and create something that will serve them better. Those who are backing New Zealand Loyal have reached this point and are no longer prepared to merely tinker with a few external improvements. The whole system of government in New Zealand is broken, and we want it fixed. Quoting the words again of the Declaration of Independence, what we have today has become destructive to our lives and we assert that:

… it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to [us] shall seem most likely to effect [our] Safety and Happiness.

Other leaders of the so-called minor parties recognize injustices and pledge to work to make partial solutions to them, but it takes a real spiritual and social revolution to help people to imagine an entirely new system. One of the first things Liz said at a recent rally in Orewa was that when she becomes an MP she will not take an oath to the monarch, King Charles – her oath will be to the people. By identifying the root causes of this country’s malaise and refusing ever to submit to the powers that are standing behind our puppet-leaders, giving instruction to traitors, Liz is signaling to all Kiwis that it is no longer possible to go on playing the same old game.

Liz has been criticised for not joining with other small parties, but to experience one of her rallies is to see that she could not have fitted in to the framework of any other group. The ideas for which she is advocating are more fundamental. Her tax policy, for example, is not just a tinkering with a few externals but a radical shift that is actually the end of the taxation system as we know it. She asks people if they are happy to go on giving 50% of their income away to the government or if they would rather retain the bulk of it to be used as they choose. People are left wondering why they ever acquiesced to the broken system in the first place. This and other policies are shifting people towards a new kind of New Zealand – one that can be seen in the film River of Freedom and that many of us felt in our hearts in the three short weeks of the Wellington Occupation – a New Zealand that cares for its own people and a New Zealand whose people are prepared to die for the preservation of their freedoms in the land that they love.

Dying does not necessarily mean physical dying, but it means being prepared to endure whatever must be endured out of a loyalty higher than self-interest. Liz is proving, time and again, that she is prepared to go through any kind of attack because of the love she has for the people of New Zealand. To wonder whether Chris Luxon, Chris Hipkins or David Seymour have love for their people is simply ludicrous. Their actions show they are in it for themselves and will adapt their policies to what they think will bring them the most advantage. Liz Gunn acts out of a morality they simply do not know. She is in tune with a vision of New Zealand for which she is prepared to give her heart’s blood. She asks us whether we can feel this, too, and every day more are answering in the affirmative.

“Safe and effective” sums up all the lies that have been used to work us over during the last three years. We have the evidence of experience now that safe and effective was nothing but a gigantic lie, yet it is still being promoted by those who are part of the old, crumbling system. We see through those lies and are not going to be fooled by them again. We know that if the mainstream media stopped lying, the whole edifice of their fake world would crumble. We know that we number far more than the fake polls would have us believe. It will take our sweat and tears – and, if required, also the third substance – but we mean to have our country back. New Zealand Loyal is just the beginning of the movement that will bring this about. Voting for New Zealand Loyal cannot be a wasted vote. It is a deep signal of hope that you believe in the future – that you believe in another kind of New Zealand.


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