Make Africa Great Again – How Obama & Clinton Murdered Gaddafi & the African Dream

Written by Thomas S.

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was a man who considered himself not the leader of a nation, but the leader of a revolution. He was murdered on the 20th October 2011 after the Battle of Sirte during Barack Obama’s NATO-led invasion of the North African country.

Despite initial claims that Gaddafi was killed by gunfire during a shootout, footage later emerged of ‘rebel forces’ beating and sodomizing Gaddafi with a bayonet before shooting him dead during a ritualistic murder ordered by the Washington swamp.

Gaddafi’s murder followed US Foreign Secretary Hillary Clinton’s visit to Libya, and as she would later tell mainstream media: “We came, we saw, he died.”

Although eccentric and certainly imperfect, Gaddafi was a man who nonetheless prized open the globalist chokehold long enough for Libya to draw a breath of fresh air, before the African dream was silenced once again.

Despite the villainous caricature which the fake news has presented us with, Gaddafi’s only real crime was to Make Africa Great Again.

SEVENTEEN of Gaddafi’s achievements for the Libyan nation are as follows:

  • Free electricity was provided for all citizens.
  • State-owned banks issued loans with 0% interest to citizens.
  • Gaddafi vowed that his own parents would not have a house until every Libyan first had a home of their own. Housing was considered a human right in Libya.
  • Newly married couples were given 60,000 Dinars (equivalent to US$50,000) by the government to buy their first home.
  • Free education and medical treatment were provided to all Libyans, increasing literacy rates from 25% to 83%.
  • Libyans seeking to farm were provided with farmland, seeds, livestock and other facilities by the government to help get them started.
  • Government-funded initiatives provided Libyans with the opportunity to go abroad for education or medical needs if those needs could not be met in Libya.
  • 50% of the purchase price of a car was subsidized by the government.
  • Petrol prices in Libya were around $0.14 per litre.
  • Libya had no national debt and had reserves of up $150 billion.
  • Graduating citizens unable to find professional employment were paid the average salary of their trained profession until employment could be found.
  • All Libyan citizens received a portion of Libyan oil sales credited directly to their bank accounts.
  • Mothers giving birth to a child would receive the equivalent of US$5,000 as a child benefit.
  • For merely $0.15 one could purchase 40 loaves of bread.
  • A quarter of Libyans held a university degree.
  • As a desert country, Libya carried out the Great Man-Made River Project – the largest irrigation project in the world.
  • The Libyan airline Afriqiyah Airways offered some of the most affordable flights in the world.

As Gaddafi himself stated:

“This country was a desert, and I turned it into a forest, where everything can grow.”




Interestingly, while attending the UN general assembly in New York in 2009, Gaddafi was allowed to pitch a large Bedouin style tent traditionally used for hosting guests on a property owned by future US President Donald Trump, while the rest of New York shunned the Libyan leader.

The city of New York was after all, built upon wetlands and a globalist swamp is no place to pitch a tent without sufficient drainage.

According to reporting by the Guardian at the time:

Muammar Gaddafi threw the UN general assembly into chaos today when he effectively hijacked the podium to make a rambling, unscripted speech.

The Libyan leader had been scheduled to speak for 15 minutes but spoke for over an hour and a half, in a wide-ranging, passionate address which took in the UN security council, the assassination of US president John F Kennedy, Somali piracy and a theory that swine flu was created for military purposes.

Gaddafi took to the rostrum at 4pm, prompting several UN delegates to leave the hall. When they tentatively returned 30 minutes later, expecting the Libyan to have finished, he was only a third of the way into his speech.

Gaddafi, who frequently broke off to pore over pages of notes, said the security council should be called “the terror council”, saying: “We cannot have the security council under countries which have nuclear powers. This is terrorism itself.”

Although Gaddafi’s political ideas may not be agreeable to everyone, he most certainly spoke truth to power and he most certainly fought for his people.

He also authored a political manifesto called The Green Book, in which he described his Third Universal Theory – his own variation of socialism which incorporated principles of direct democracy and which rejected both communism and capitalism.

The Green Book – Muammar al-Qaddaf

While mention of the word ‘socialism’ will no doubt offend the sensibilities of many Counterspin Media readers, it would be wise to point out that ideology alone is not the entirety of the issue.

After all, both the slick and slimy Wallstreet banksters and President Trump the all-American patriot, are capitalists – but they are worlds apart. So similarly Gaddafi’s socialist ideas may not necessarily disqualify him as a patriot.

And at the very least, Gaddafi never attended Spirit Cooking dinners, nor did his name appear on Jeffrey Epstein’s flight log, nor is there a dodgy laptop floating about with his name on it – unlike those who murdered him.

So judge him as you like.

Indeed, in an oil-rich land, Gaddafi saw no need for poverty, and used the instrument of the state to facilitate the abundance of his people – a far cry from many so-called ‘socialists’ like Comrade Ardern, who has sold our nation out to foreign and globalist powers.

Gaddafi insisted that his people were the proprietors of the natural wealth of the land which they inhabited, and wrote that:

For people to be happy, they must be free, and to be free, they must possess the possibility of satisfying their own needs. Whoever possesses the means of fulfilling your needs controls or exploits you, and may enslave you despite any legislation to the contrary.

Indeed, Gaddafi did point out the irony of Western Parliamentary dictatorships, having written that:

Political struggle that results in the victory of a candidate with, for example, 51 per cent of the votes leads to a dictatorial governing body in the guise of a false democracy, since 49 per cent of the electorate is ruled by an instrument of government they did not vote for, but which has been imposed upon them. Such is dictatorship.

The Libyan leader also wrote that:

A parliament is originally founded to represent the people, but this in itself is undemocratic as democracy means the authority of the people and not an authority acting on their behalf. The mere existence of a parliament means the absence of the people. True democracy exists only through the direct participation of the people, and not through the activity of their representatives.

In contrast to the representative model of government, Gaddafi sought to implement a form of direct democracy based upon Basic Popular Conferences and People’s Committees which convene in a General People’s Congress.

Unlike other forms of direct democracy, Gaddafi believed that simply participating in binding referendums was insufficient and that the people needed the opportunity to be able to contribute more than a simple “yes” or “no” to the decision-making process of the state.

He also advocated for a return to natural law – rooted in religion and tradition rather than the dictatorial edicts of the legislature which are man-made and are a threat to the freedom of the people.

What made Gaddafi’s existence most intolerable to the globalist swamp however, were his plans to introduce a gold-backed currency to the entire African continent, independent of the Western Central Banks and their financial monopoly.

And thus the populist Libyan leader and his African dream were murdered.

Gaddafi was not the first martyr of the people to challenge the New World Order and nor has he been the last.

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