Machinations and manoeuvrings at Twitter. What’s going on and what effect could it all have on Kiwis?

by Mike Bee

22 December 2022

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On 14th April, 2022, Elon Musk made an offer to acquire Twitter. For three months before that, he had been buying up shares and had become the company’s largest share-holder. Offered a seat on its board, he had at first accepted, then declined, before making his sudden and unexpected offer of purchase of the entire company, stating that he aimed to make Twitter “a platform for free speech around the globe.”

The Twitter board resisted, but the price was a good one for share-holders so that the board was put in a difficult situation and was eventually forced to accept. The price was $44 billion, and Musk was given a certain length of time to arrange his finances and do some due diligence on the company. He accepted the condition that if he failed to close the deal before the deadline without good reason he would hand over to the company a billion dollars. On the other side, one of the things that needed to be settled by the company was how many Twitter accounts were real human beings and how many were spam accounts.

On July 8th Musk caused shares to fall 20% by stating that he was withdrawing from the deal because Twitter had failed to disclose the true state of affairs regarding the number of its spambot accounts, and the board of Twitter launched a lawsuit against him some days later.

Various manoeuvrings took place with many plots and counter-plots, before a deal was finally sealed on October 27. A day earlier, Musk had entered the company carrying a sink and posting a video of his tomfoolery with the words, “I’m entering Twitter headquarters. LET THAT SINK IN!” Musk took up the position of CEO and shares stopped being traded.

Throughout this whole process, with the value of shares swinging wildly, attention focussed on Musk, the world’s richest man (although no longer since his acquisition of Twitter) and called by some, a genius and by others, a fraud. Born of an illuminati family, Musk was regarded with great suspicion by many. He is concerned with such things as Neuralink, which is pioneering the fusion of human brain and computer, he has a company that is developing Artificial Intelligence and he is working towards the colonization of Mars. Were the motives that he said were impelling him to take on this very risky project really so much concerned with wanting to promote free speech or is something else happening? Many theories were floated, but if you pay too much attention to all the anomalies you run the risk of missing what is actually happening. It is the actions that Musk has taken that I am going to focus on.

Elon Musk has undoubtedly got a lot of important people thoroughly rattled. When he purchased Twitter, Musk became owner of a vast array of information concerning its users and their history. He can look at direct messages that pass between parties and the bots they make use of, and he can peer into accounts that were involved – on a huge scale – with such things as human trafficking and the peddling of disinformation. He himself said at one time that he had purchased a crime scene!

The inner workings of this crime scene are now being displayed for all the world to see. To date there have been eight different drops of information on six different subjects, hosted by four different journalists, all liberals rather than conservatives, whom Musk has authorised to carry out research. The mainstream media is so far refusing to report seriously on these findings, but people are learning about them in other ways, and what is being uncovered is quite staggering.

Twitter Files #1 went into the ways Twitter conspired with various agencies just before the US 2020 elections to cover up the fact that the Hunter Biden laptop was the real deal, putting out instead that it was Russian disinformation, fed to the media to disrupt the elections. This one issue is enough to show that Twitter broke its contract with the public by knowingly planting disinformation to skew the results of these elections. Indeed, a poll showed that many who voted for Biden would have voted differently if they had known that this laptop, with its pornography and accounts of deals done in Ukraine and China by members of the Biden family, was indeed from the president’s son.

Twitter Files #2 showed the ways that teams of Twitter employees built black lists of (usually conservative) users, employing shadow-banning and other such techniques to stop them getting the coverage they should have been receiving. (I speak out of personal experience here, as one who was shadow-banned and eventually de-platformed on the same day as President Trump!) One of these whose reach was severely restricted and whose case is considered in this file was the eminent Stanford doctor. Jay Bhattacharya, who argued that covid vaccines would damage children and who had alternative ideas to lockdowns.

Other files were about the process Twitter used to remove the sitting president, Donald Trump, from Twitter (Files #3-5), Twitter’s dealings with the FBI (#6), and the steps by which the FBI and intelligence community discredited factual information about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings before the 2020 elections (#7). This series of files shows how the FBI, falsely putting it out to the public that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Russian “hack and leak” operation, also paid Twitter $3 million for its activity on their behalf.

The latest files (#8 – although there are very likely more to come before this article is posted) is titled How Twitter Quietly Aided the Pentagon’s Covert Online PsyOp Campaign.

All this intelligence is evidence – solid and incontrovertible – of an awful lot of what Saint Paul called “wickedness in high places”, and it is clear that we are just getting started! Musk himself tweeted about there being a coup de grace coming, and there has been much speculation about what other subjects would be. Some people think it will involve the truth about the very illegal activities of Anthony Fauci, but there is no shortage of possible subjects to come.

We also know that this kind of nefarious actions by government agents is not confined to Twitter alone, but that the same thing is taking place on Instagram, Facebook, You-tube, Google and other platforms. In such ways, sinister government actors have breached their commitment to the people to ensure there is free debate and uncensored information in the public square so long as no harm is being done. In the words of a tweet by Jack Posobiec, retweeted by Donald J. Trump:

The FBI wasn’t just doing this at Twitter. Twitter is just the one we found out about. Wait till you find out about the FBI ops within the mainstream media!

In New Zealand there was proof through an Official Information Act request that the Department of Internal Affairs has a back door into Facebook, and almost everyone who challenges official versions of what is happening has stories of their accounts being demonetised, shadow-banned, hashtag-capped, suspended or taken down altogether. We know that the government paid media companies a large amount of money at the start of lockdowns. Could such practices as we have seen at Twitter with the FBI be happening here with our security apparatus? Knowing what we now know from the Twitter Files, one would have to be very naïve not to have suspicions!

What is coming out in the Twitter Files has been known or suspected for years by those who actively seek for truth, but to have proof of it, dripping out almost daily in a gathering flood of revelation, is quite an incredible phenomenon to be witnessing. People in high places, who may have thought till now that they were secure, must definitely be panicking!

Although this can feel at times to be quite intoxicating for those who are following this – a fulfillment of much that they have long anticipated  – it is only slowly penetrating the awareness of ordinary people in this country. In the US it is happening faster, but in both places mainstream media (with some exceptions in the US such as Tucker Carlson of Fox News) ignores what is coming out or glosses over it. Such tactics can only work for a little while, however. “Lies travel around the world,” as someone once said, “before the truth has got its boots on,” but truth wins in the end – it is always this way. Lies and cover-ups are always ultimately unsuccessful.

Expect from the bad actors who are responsible for suppressing the truth from the public that they will probably do some dirty tricks to distract the public from what is happening. Unlike the Americans, we in New Zealand have no First Amendment, and our free speech is very much under attack. We have a Bill of Rights, but it is proving to be far less robust than the US Constitution.

Slowly, however, the Great Awakening proceeds also in New Zealand, though it be slow. We are witnessing really incredible events every single day. As Damian Dement says,

These corrupt, criminal actions have been ongoing for years, even years that had elections, which makes this entire scenario treason-level serious. The wilful undermining of Democracy is an act of war against the people, their rights, and the state. This is a national security issue.

Whoever Elon Musk is and whatever his real motives, he is achieving results that few others could have managed. He has an enormous outreach, and it is very satisfying to see others awaken to what we have known or had suspicions of for a long time.

What will be next? Will we get the truth about how social media companies have supported Big Pharma during the debates over covid and the drugs they falsely called vaccines? Will we have proof of the illegal spying against Donald Trump undertaken by our own two leaders, John Key and Jacinda Adern, under the auspices of Five Eyes? What is Elon’s coup de grace to come?

The pushback will undoubtedly come – further censorship and scape-goating – and this will be a difficult time for those New Zealanders who value truth above propaganda. But these events are global. If New Zealand was only an island, disconnected from the rest of the world, the powers-that-be could do as they wished, but they are subject to global pressures that they will find impossible to resist.

Damian Dement gives his advice on how we should navigate this:

Keep cool, chill, honey bunny; their behaviour is born out of an unsettling feeling of knowing their narrative and perceived moral authority is collapsing. … Many of these people’s entire existence professionally, politically or privately is on the line – people in that position do crazy and stupid shit to save themselves, so don’t be surprised if we see serious, and outright blatant overreach by any branch of government that can be weaponized. Document well if anything happens to you or someone you know. Remember, they want ‘boogiemen’, so don’t act like one. We are the ladies and gentlemen of truth, ethics, accountability and love.

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