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Legal notice has been issued this week by law firm ‘Simpson Grierson’ to journalist Liz Gunn as well as FreeNZ Media in relation to the publication of anonymised Covid-19 vaccination injury and fatality data, which was leaked by whistle-blower Barry Young late last year.

The notice which was sent by partner Jania Baigent, advised that the law firm acting on behalf of Health New Zealand – Te Whatu Ora, wished to draw attention to the ‘continued and flagrant’ breach of Compliance Orders from the Employment Relations Authority, as well as further publication of content that infringed upon those Orders.

These Orders which prohibited the publication of the leaked data, were granted by the Employment Relations Authority to Health New Zealand in an attempt to plug the leak of vaccination data by former Health New Zealand employee Barry Young.

Content derived from the anonymised data, however, was nonetheless published by Liz Gunn’s FreeNZ Media, as well as overseas outlets, in defiance of the Orders. After all, the conclusions to be drawn from the data implicate government officials in nothing less than genocide. The data leak is also unique thus far and has consequences worldwide.

Simpson Grierson have cited personal as well as FreeNZ platforms operated by Liz Gunn as publishing ‘Infringing Content’ related to the leaked data. However, not a single name has yet been identified from the anonymised data, meaning that any genuine concerns around privacy breaches are irrelevant.

According to Liz Gunn:

The data, the information, has never been contested by them. And what they claim they are doing is protecting the privacy of all of you, the New Zealanders.

In reality, it is merely only the plea of privacy concerns that the government is seeking to suppress the data leak. A similar degree of censorship was also evident surrounding the events of the false-flag Mosque tragedy of 2019 in Christchurch. In both cases, the New Zealand Government was implicated in crimes against the New Zealand people.

In this regard, Liz Gunn has challenged the law firm publicly and stated that:

How could Jania, this lawyer, look past something that shows excess deaths, in human beings, in her fellow Kiwis, under 40 years old? I was a lawyer, I practiced in law and there would have been a point where I would have gone to my practicing partner and said “I’m sorry, but this is wrong what we are doing, I need to stand with the truth”.

Simpson Grierson’s notice has also advised Liz Gunn that consequences for non-compliance with the Compliance Orders as per the Employment Relations Act, could include:

  • an order that the person in default be imprisoned for a term not exceeding 3 months
  • an order that the person in default be fined a sum not exceeding $40,000
  • an order that the property of the person in default be sequestered

The law firm also stipulated that in order to avoid enforcement action by the client, Liz Gunn would be required to provide confirmation by no later than 4pm on Monday 22nd April 2024 that she had taken down, disabled and deleted all Infringing Content and that she would at all times continue to comply with the Compliance Orders.

According to Liz Gunn, while speaking on this point:

Does this not feel to you like communist oppression, like the things we’ve heard about the way the Chinese communist government silences and oppresses its people? We are on the brink of this New Zealand, if we don’t all stand up.

If Simpson Grierson think they have won a victory for their client in having the content removed from Liz Gunn’s and FreeNZ Media’s platforms, however, they are mistaken. In a statement issued on the evening of 18th April 2024, Kelvyn Alp of Counterspin Media commented in regards to the censorship of the leaked data that:

It is a sad day when journalists, who should be holding these people to account, are forced into compliance to remove information that is of vital interest to the public – especially when you are trying to save lives from the very criminals that are intent on taking them.

He went on to further state that:

As a result, Counterspin Media will now upload all of those videos that FreeNZ has been forced to make ‘private’, away from public view, and we challenge Simpson Grierson to try that shit on us. You see, we don’t cuck to anybody and this is a matter of saving lives. Liz Gunn and Barry Young were right in doing exactly what they did.

In the early afternoon of 19th October he began this process, and the first of the Barry Young videos that were demanded to be removed can now be seen on X and on Telegram. Tonight, they will start to go up also onto Rumble where they will be able to be found at

According to the Counterspin Media host and co-founder: “There is no way in hell we will let you get away with silencing decent journalists!”

Both co-founders, Kelvyn Alp and Hannah Spierer, have already been raided and had equipment stolen by the New Zealand Police. They are facing the prospect of lengthy prison sentences for the crime of publishing a link to an overseas documentary which implicated the New Zealand government as complicit in the 2019 Christchurch Mosque Tragedy.

Counterspin Media will not retreat and comply with the demands that were imposed on Liz Gunn, for they are neither legal nor lawful. To fail to let the NZ public see the data that Barry has made available and become aware of what he is fighting for would be to be complicit in the greatest crime of our time.


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