I reckon we’re winning! Is that hope or hopium?

Written by Mike B.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a positive article in Counterspin about the good work that Elon Musk is doing in making ordinary people aware of things they’ve not been aware of before. It was criticised by some who drew attention to Musk’s past and present deeds (Neuralink, defence contracts, AI research, sucking at the teat of government contracts for vast amounts of government money, etc) which surely show he is a deep state agent. One person sent me a video of four alternative media heavyweights, including researchersJames Corbett and Whitney Webb whom I respect a great deal, all of whom were putting forward multiple reasons for holding this view. In their opinion, it was patently obvious that Musk was releasing some truths in order to distract people from the bigger ones, an exercise in limited disclosure regularly used by the deep state to throw people off track when things tend to begetting a little uncomfortable for them.


Now, who am I to argue with James Corbett and Whitney Webb? And yet … Can’t you feel something new in the air right now? What Musk has allowed to be published so far in his Twitter Files has indeed been ignored by most mainstream news sources, but it is causing a shift in temperature and giving encouragement to strong members of the Republican House of Representatives such as Jim Jordan who are preparing to begin some major investigations into wrong-doing by various parties.


And is it coincidence that the deep state does seem to be taking some deep hits recently in many areas? In New Zealand there is, of course, the resignation of our beloved “single source of truth”. That had to happen at some point and was no doubt built into the plan so that the successor is ready to take over. (“Meet your new boss. Same as the old boss.”) So the pessimistic part of me tended to think when I first heard the news.


But that event, gratifying as it is for those who value freedom and democracy, is not all that’s happening. Though the mainstream papers ignore proof of FBI and DOJ wrong-doing over the hoax into Trump’s involvement with Russia and criminal wrong-doing by top US officials involved in the southern border, they have suddenly started drawing attention to the foibles of Joe Biden. We have had ample evidence of advancing senility for some time, but now it seems as if an order has been given to them to pay more attention to it as preparation to ditch the Resident of the United States and bring in a change of batter. That would be for them similar to what just happened in NZ with the dumping of Jacinda. I’m sure it’s only a coincidence!


Then there is George Soros not being able to show up to the World Economic Forum conference, happening now in Davos, Switzerland. What could possibly keep him away from this, the highlight of his year? (Jacinda should have been there too, although we now know thatshe had other things on her mind.) And reports of friction in Davos, where members of the illustrious club are reported to be becoming disillusioned with the obsessive total leadership style of Klaus Schwab. And an extraordinary interview (if you can call it that, when the interviewer refuses to answer a single question) of more than three minutes in length from Ezra Levant and AviYemini who asked the CEO of Pfizer all the questions that the people of the world would dearly like to knowthe answers of – some 28 of them to my count. You can see this at:




The sight of Albert Bourla muttering, “Have a nice day,” and being unable to get out of the spotlight of two genuine journalists asking genuine questions was glorious.


But it was strange also. Deep state, mass-murderous assassins usually have ways to prevent such situationsfrom arising – why were Yemini and Levant given this access to Bourla for such a long time? It was almost as if someone more powerful than the CEO of Pfizer had given the signal for the exposure of information to begin.


For the record, here are my favourite top-ten questions from the streets of Davos, put to the hapless “Have-a-nice-day Bourla”.


​​We now know that the vaccines didn’t stop transmission, but why did you keep it secret?

​​Is it time to apologise to the world – to give refunds back to all the countries where vaccines didn’t work?

​​Are you not ashamed of what you’ve done in the last couple of years?

​​What do you think about on your yacht? What do you think about on your private jet?

​​Are you worried about myocarditis?

​​What do you have to say about young men dropping dead of heart attacks every day?

​​Do you think you should be charged criminally for some of the criminal behaviour you’ve obviously been a part of?

​​How much money have you personally made off the vaccine?

​​In the past Pfizer has paid $2.3 billion in fines for deceptive marketing – have you engaged in that same conduct again?

​​If any other product in the world doesn’t work as promised, you get a refund. Should you not refund to countries that laid out billions for your ineffective vaccines?


Exposure is what the deep state fears the most. Evil works in darkness and hates the light. Yet there seems to be a heck of a lot of light shining into the evil empire right now, exposing crimes that have been committedand with signs of much more exposure to come. A lot of people don’t seem to be very happy!


In the US, disclosure looms and has already begun in a number of different areas. Despite setbacks, Kari Lake has a totally solid case in the disclosure of election fraud for her Arizona governor position, and she has the perseverance to do it. Special prosecutor John Durham has already proved in court that the Alpha Bank Hoax, aimed at President Trump, was disinformation put out by Hilary Clinton, and many believe he is about to start a new round of prosecutions. People like the Clintons have always been untouchables, and yet the noose seems to be dangling down closer and closer towards them. (What happened to that financial investigation into the Clinton Foundation?)


The Republican Congress, having cleaned house and got itself in shape through the chaotic process of choosing a Speaker, is preparing for investigations into four main areas. One is the facts on what happened on January 6th 2020, the so-called “insurrection” for which there is much evidence that it was not an insurrection at all. Another is the Russia, Russia! hoax that took up so much time during Trump’s presidency. A third investigation is into the Biden family, especially the Hunter Biden laptop, now proved conclusively to have belonged to the Resident’s son and shining light on the Bidens’ long treasonous connections with China. And the fourth is Anthony Fauci.


Ah, yes, Fauci I’ve been poised for two weeks, waiting to write a story on the Fauci Files which Elon Musk promised would have come by now. The waiting made Fauci himself very upset, and life cannot be much fun for him right now. Robert Kennedy Jnr’s book has shown how the deep guilt of his many misdeeds stretches backdecades. Are we going to see the direct messages that Musk has from his purchase of Twitter that show communications between Fauci and members of theNIH around the creation of the vaccine in Wuhan, China, and around the coverup of that? Musk is holding it all back for now, but perhaps he is just getting the public ready for what is to come. And disturbing Fauci’s sleep at the same time.


Does all this sound like a limited hangout from Elon Musk? If it is, it’s not working as a dampener of public realisation of what has been going on for so long. The US public really does seem to be waking up! The New Zealand public is, of course, quite a few months behind this, but doesn’t it sound as if some of these things will affect people here too?


In my opinion, the Fauci Files are the big test. If Musk can’t produce the goods on those, then he may not be all some of us hope him to be. Musk has got our attention now. We’ve waited for this for a couple of weeks. If these files are a damp squid, people like me will be annoyed. But so much has happened already – it seems to me impossible that this could turn out to be a damp squid!


People realising on a grand scale that they or their loved-ones have been deliberately poisoned will be an awakener like nothing else. It could never have been a part of the deep state’s intentions to reveal this. What will people do if the truth of the Fauci Files does indeed show, from the evidence of Fauci’s own communications, what many researchers have been saying for a long time – that Covid 19 was a manufactured, “gain-of-function” virus and that the vaccine did not make people better but was deliberately designed to be a method of population reduction?


All in all, I reckon there is a lot of cause for optimism in world (and NZ) events. We know it’s not going to be easy. A financial crisis looms, and New Zealand has got a LONG way to go in its Great Awakening process. But truth is coming – it cannot be held back – and the corrupt politicians and mafia-criminals really do seem to be losing control.


We the people awake and unified is always their greatest nightmare. They have the power, but we have the numbers. If we can only remain peaceful, unified and in good spirits through a great time of testing, the time ahead could be glorious!


Is it hope or hopium?




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