Hold the Line, Kiwi Patriots! This Time of Transition is Passing Even Faster Now!

by Mike Bee

The story that goes with the first five words of the title above was posted eight days ago on 9th May. I was writing about how the Deep State is going down in the US and how that will affect us in NZ. If you didn’t see it then, have a look now because, since then, the Deep State is more than just going down, it is collapsing and in total disarray!

The Durham Report, released on their Monday, has given 100% certainty to facts truthers have known for years but that now even Joe Sixpack and his girlfriend are hearing.

Joe is now aware that Trump was attacked during his first term by illegal investigations and spying by members of the FBI ,and that this was all due to Hilary Clinton who planted a fake story about Trump colluding with Putin. Joe is also now aware that the FBI knew from the beginning that the Trump-Russia narrative was fake and that the Department of Justice has run a two-tiered justice system for decades. It is beginning to dawn on him that the media has been in on this, and he is wondering what else they are lying about. The hammer is falling, and the fact that we don’t exactly hear it resoundingly in New Zealand means nothing. You think our criminal mafia media is going to give any assistance at all to Kiwis waking up and seeing the truth here too?

The point of my article eight days ago was that these things are not really isolated to the US alone. All these criminals are inter-connected. The WHO can’t do what it wants to do and force compliance to toxic MRNA medications with the same freedom, and the banking world will also find it much harder to release their Central Bank Digital Currency upon us. I AM NOT SAYING THEY WILL NOT DO IT, in fact I think they very probably will and start World War III besides! But they are not omnipotent any more – they are desperate and they are going down!

So this article is still relevant – maybe more so than when I wrote it. It is about the Biden crime family being exposed. Now the same is happening to the Clintons and the Obamas and even CNN has conceded that Trump was in the right. But connected to the Bidens and those who control them are all the other octopus-arms of the Deep State, from George Soros to Anthony Fauci. … And Jacinda Ardern. … And our own little Chippy.

They will not go gentle into that good night. But they will go. They are going. In time they will be gone. We must hold the line till then! 

But the more we know of how good forces are winning internationally – how the greatest STING OPERATION of all time is bringing evil of the darkest kind to light – the more we can contribute to it happening here also in New Zealand.

Kia kaha!


This is the article first posted on 8th May:

A friend once said to me that he doesn’t pay any attention to events overseas as he can’t have any influence on them and needs all his forces for understanding and acting in New Zealand. Well, that is fine, but I pay attention to the US in particular because it gives me faith that things will turn out for the best in New Zealand too. And recently so many good people I know have been having such a hard time that I felt myself drawn to give them a dose of my personal unflappable faith in the future that I pick up from peering into the swamplands of Washington DC. So here – in case you aren’t aware of the latest – is what is happening in that weird country between Canada and Mexico upon which the fate of billions, I believe, is pivoting.

The Biden crime family is almost removed. It has been obvious to anyone who can keep their brain independent from mainstream disinformation that Joe Biden and his son are both crooks, but now it is an investigating panel from the House of Representatives that is saying that.


Congressman James Comer is House Oversight Committee Chair and plays a prominent part in hearings that are going to the heart of the present administration. Evidence, he says, has revealed a money laundering and racketeering scheme involving President Joe Biden, nine Biden family members, and a web of shell companies. Part of this written evidence comes from an FBI whistle-blower who risked his life to bring what he knows to the Committee.

James Comer says:

On Wednesday, we are going to present to the American people all the information that we’ve received thus far pertaining to bank records. We’re going to disclose many of the different LLCs and transactions that all these different Biden family members have gotten from our adversaries around the world. We don’t believe this was just a coincidence that all these Biden family members were receiving money from this web of LLCs in their personal bank accounts. …

We’ve given the FBI until May 10th to produce this document, so the ball is in the FBI’s court with respect to this whistle-blower. … Obviously, the President’s son committed many crimes. … He was essentially an unregistered foreign agent for China. Those are serious crimes. You got possible racketeering [and money-laundering]. The list goes on and on.

This thing is much bigger than anyone would have ever predicted and it all points towards Joe Biden. The big guy…

We have heard this sort of thing before, though not involving so many Bidens all at once, and I can hear now readers snorting that he’ll get away with it again. Or that, if he is forced to resign, it won’t make any difference because the replacement will be just as bad. Those two statements are true in the sense that these people are not going to go to prison at this stage in the game. But what is important is that these things are being seen by the American public. If the Deep State had been able to stop the exposure of this criminality, it would have. The fact that these crimes are coming to light is a major sign that they are not in control. And a whole lot of other crimes wait in the wings from Epstein Island to Seth Rich and the testimony of Julian Assange. Issues go out of sight for a while but do not go away altogether. As exposure builds, the public begins to see that it is the same people who are responsible for multiple criminal actions. And acts that are informing the American people of the true state of affairs are coming thick and fast.

So what is likely to happen next? Joe Biden has lost his usefulness for those who have been controlling him, and the media, who never before questioned anything he did, have recently begun to criticise him. It would be intolerable to those who have been working with him from behind the scenes to witness him go through the process of being impeached with all the evidence that would be disclosed from such a process. He can be disposed of in any number of ways. There may well be a test of his cognitive faculties, and when he fails, it will be but a simple procedure to remove him through the 25th Amendment. He can pardon his son Hunter and other members of his family on the way out and go back to his Delaware retreat.

But what would happen then? Would everything essentially be unchanged?

There would be a new president – perhaps (because the present vice president is so unpopular) Michelle Obama. This would bring Barrack Hussein Obama back into the spotlight.

On one level, Hussein Obama and Hilary Clinton are playing a role and are being controlled by outside forces, just as Biden is. Who is pulling their strings? It has recently become fashionable to talk of “Mr Global”. Is that merely a metaphor or is there really such an evil mastermind or cabal standing behind the various instruments through which the Deep State works? Since the covid pandemic, the people have begun to see how a multitude of global institutions can be made to work in lockstep with each other – central banks, the World Economic Forum, World Health Organisation and United Nations, the Pentagon, global corporations, media, intelligence agencies and the rest.

Whether there is one Mr Global or a cabal working to some extent together, what we call the Deep State as a whole had never anticipated that their plans would be exposed in the way that we are seeing happen. They had always counted on there being enough chaos that they could continue operating behind the scenes unobserved. Covid lockdown measures were meant to go on much longer than they did, so they needed a war. They would like the Ukraine situation to become a full-blown world war, and that is one of the reasons that they have have not tolerated peace to come to that area. If they can’t get war in Ukraine, they will be glad for China to invade Taiwan or for North Korea to threaten to drop some nuclear missiles. These things may yet happen, and there is also a world financial breakdown to be gone through. Some chaos, certainly, is ahead, but with so much visibility on them now, will it be possible for them to remain adequately concealed?

New Zealand may be a long way from Washington DC, but it is impossible for our crime syndicate here to be unaffected by what happens there. If Deep State operatives connected with the White House are taken down in the US, then the whole population reduction agenda planned by the WHO will not be able to take place. If top-level criminals are exposed in the US, they will become visible also throughout the entire world. We are all interconnected, and it is for this reason that my last article, dealing with the crimes around the use of the pseudo-vaccine in this country, was titled When Do the Trials for Treason begin? I really needed to get our brilliant tech expert to create that image, based of course on an earlier American one, of what we believe will happen to our own mafia criminals.

This is certainly a dangerous time. Side by side with the physical dangers of nuclear war, financial breakdown, weather manipulation, limitation of free speech, totalitarian control, creation of a new pandemic, food scarcity and all the rest, there is the gruelling nature we all face of hanging on through an extended period of transition – or what Martin Geddes calls a “limbo land”. The final scenes of the great drama may be approaching, but they are not yet ready to begin.

The years 2017-2020 were the initial crescendo of the (first) Trump presidency; 2021-2023 is the “liminal passage” before the tempo of the narrative gains pace again for the final resolution of the drama. …

It has been a very weird time in this limbo land between the initial awakening of MAGA and Q, and the final complete awakening of humanity to its hidden enslavement via subverted language, misapplied law, usurious money, corrupt religion, and pervasive indoctrination. I am slowly learning to love this odd time, difficult as it may be, for it will soon pass and its uniquely transitory nature lost.

This is a time when much is being asked of those who have followed events for some years and have some foundation upon which they can stand. The hearts of many will fail them for fear of the unknown that is ahead of us, but we who have prepared for these events know that we must hold the line. How much longer will it take until this “liminal passage” is over? That is not for us to decide – above all the actions of warring powers on earth, God is present and involved, and we can be certain that victory will come at the time that is right for Him.

We are a kind of spiritual and social support bridge across which the rest of humanity can soon march to freedom. We have each carried a burden far beyond what humans are ordinarily called to do, but one which is invisible in nature, so denies you the obvious butch honour of dirty grunt work in kinetic warfare.

The war continues, and whatever happens, when those who fight for humanity win decisive victories, these will not be reported by the mainstream media. Forget about that, and do not wait for it to happen. We must trust our own hearts and the support of our spiritual foundations.

As Martin Geddes says above, learn to love this strange time that we are living in, difficult and painful as it may be, for these days soon will pass.


This time, too, will pass…

This time, too –
this time of waiting for corruption to be exposed –
will pass.

We were right about everything
except the timing.
It all takes so long!

The wise have seen
in every inch of ground that has been gained
the return of the King
into the realm that had been wrested from Him.

Those who see do not complain
that time to them seems long.
They understand the enormity of what is taking place.

First, that humanity be awakened to its own enslavement –
then, the gradual empowerment of the many
that they transcend themselves and claim their sovereign power
to liberate the entire world with light.




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