Good Riddance, Comrade!

Thomas S.

The red dawn of the Ardernian regime is waning, and the sunshine of a bright new year may yet be upon us, New Zealand. At the very least, today we witnessed a small victory in the fight to reclaim our nation’s sovereignty from the claws of globalism and communism.

“I no longer have the energy” were the words of the defeated would-be-dictator as she announced her resignation at the Labour Party caucus retreat in Napier today.

Indeed, the Prime Minister’s announcement occurs only days after the transition of Saturn into the sign of Aquarius in the heavens above, promising a fresh outlook for all of us after the most difficult few years that we as a nation have weathered in our lifetimes.

While suicide rates, poverty and crime statistics have soared during her failed attempt to implement a democratic socialist regime, the Prime Minister insisted today that:

“This has been the most fulfilling five and a half years of my life”.

After locking down our nation’s economy, muzzling us in public spaces, forcing an experimental mRNA injection on our people and implementing medical apartheid, one wonders what part of being remembered as a dystopian despot Ardern finds most fulfilling.

But alas, we must be grateful to her for being a significant catalyst in bringing about this Great Awakening of we the people.

While families and friendships were torn apart and while political dissidents were marginalized and barred from restaurants, shops and even the workplace – we began to build again. Self-sufficient communities, freedom markets, alternative media outlets, grassroots political parties and advocacy groups were just some of the many initiatives which Kiwi Patriots collaborated together to co-create in our nation’s hour of crisis.

As she fibbed, fumbled and fobbed us off on countless occasions, we the people grew stronger as we stood against her mandates and began to rediscover the spirit upon which this nation was built.

And as Ardern and her cohorts were forced to learn the hard way – they are not us.

We are of course reminded of John Key’s resignation as Prime Minister in late 2016 after Hillary Clinton (who he tipped his hat to as ‘President Clinton’ during her visit to New Zealand as US Foreign Secretary in 2010) lost the US Presidential election to Donald Trump.

In much the same way, Jacinda Ardern has been defeated by the same movement of patriotic populism which has swept the world since the likes of MAGA and Brexit unlocked the chains of the masses who for many years have suffered silently while the global agenda has marched onward.

Indeed, while writing to British politician Nigel Farage who championed Brexit, in response to comments he had made about the political situation here in New Zealand a couple of years ago, I never expected a reply.

But reply he did, and his message to our country was clear.

“Please stand up and fight.”

And while we recognise that this fight is not yet over and that the swamp is not yet drained, we the people can at least celebrate this small victory in the worldwide struggle for freedom.

Meanwhile, as we approach another general election later this year, Counterspin Media and the people of this nation would like to remind those who still hope to resurrect the legacy which Comrade Ardern leaves them, that:

We will fight them on the airways
We will fight them in the press
We will fight them with our hearts and minds
And we won’t give any less!

As we bid farewell to Comrade Ardern, we thank her once again for reminding we the people of who we really are and for inspiring us to make our country great again – that certainly is a legacy which will last for many years to come.


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