Divided You Pose No Threat To Their System Of Control

By Thomas S.

14 November 2022

Many New Zealanders will never forget what it meant to be considered second class citizens in their own country.

Under the Ardernian regime, those who refused to participate in the experimental trials of the mRNA injection were denied employment rights and were barred from shops and public facilities who either chose to exclude them or who were mandated to do so.

Those who also refused to participate in the masking ritual were harassed in public on a daily basis, chased around supermarkets and shopping malls by security and were demanded to produce proof of an exemption in order to show their face.
Indeed, the politics of this era will no doubt fascinate future academics, who will one day speculate on how a relatively liberal nation could have embraced a state of medical apartheid so willingly.

Initiatives such as He Puapua, which are being tabled by Ardern’s government, also aim at cleaving a similar rift in the psyche of our nation, which for generations has enjoyed a bond of cooperation between Maori and the later settlers.
Unfortunately for the regime, however, New Zealanders from all walks of life are beginning to see the playbook for what it really is.
Indeed, as they push to implement the Great Reset, the globalists want us divided – because divided we are weak, we fight each other and we pose no threat to their system of control.

There are certainly concerns to be had about the stupidity of those who lined up for the mRNA clot shot and who barred the rest of us from society. There are also legitimate concerns to be had about issues such as the destruction of our national borders, as is occurring worldwide.
However, we must also recognise at this eleventh hour, that we have a common foe who seeks to see us divided on these very issues and that it is because of this common foe that these issues exist in the first place.
As such, we must remember that it is with this common foe that we have our quarrel and not with each other.

Commenting on the conquest and plunder of India by the British East India Company, Scottish-American historian Niall Ferguson has written:
India was much more than the ‘jewel in the crown’. Literally and metaphorically, it was a whole diamond mine. And the Indians themselves? The answer is that they allowed themselves to be divided – and, ultimately, ruled.

Capitalising on the rivalries of local rulers to play one off against the other and to raise a military presence under the guise of supporting the ambitions of various princely feuds, the Company soon acquired absolute political, military and financial control of the Indian subcontinent.
The Company, which was later replaced by the British Raj after a populist uprising, also obtained taxation rights, and went on to exploit millions of people, while keeping them subdued by caste rivalries and other intrigues.

Centuries later, when India finally reclaimed her sovereignty from the British, she was divided again into Hindu and Muslim territories, left to battle each other instead of the common foe who had pillaged their lands.
Indeed, the same strategy of divide-and-conquer is alive today and is being thrust upon us worldwide in an effort to keep us at war with each other, instead of our common foe and their global ambitions.

Whether your ancestors arrived at these shores by sailing ship or by waka, whether you held your ground against the needle or not, know that our nation is under threat of global hegemony and that we must stand together on common ground if we are to ever reclaim our sovereignty.
United we stand, divided we fall!


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