The Subversion Of Farming

If you want to move toward the imagination of Peter Joseph callously and rapidly, you first have to smash the farmers.

Brad Flutey
Oct 19

I want to believe it; I do. However, only solutions involving Māori virtue signaling have worked so far. Why? Because the apathy that comes with decades of successful subversion has made farmers as timid as a caged gorilla.

After a long hiatus involving ignorance of the big-picture, Groundswell is swelling on social media. Groundswell appears to oppose the government, The Crown—an implied trust entity that works with big tech, big data, and big social media to oppress their political opposition (humanists). They do this with varying intensity; they’ll allow a very small minority to see the ones who consistently and directly oppose the culprits (anti-humanists). Yet, they’ll allow more to view ineffective opposition—an opposition who either has a limited research scope, a half-truth strategy or is playing a subtle subversive role.

Populism is useful, and these guys have a lot of it, but so do politicians. Farmers need a proper solution to the stealth war that has been waged on them for decades, not the same failed solution three years early.

To be fair to the above, the Crown has been waging a four-decade-long stealth war on Farmers. Worse, this ongoing war will not let up if the Crown’s policy marketing team changes from red and green to blue, pink, and yellow. Unfortunately, Groundswell’s leaders either need to learn this, have some super awesome hidden strategy that we aren’t informed about, or don’t care because they’re in the club. The overall direction of government would be evident if one analysed four decades of patterns and found consistency in the Crown’s long game. Apparently, small-scale diversity of farming is out; international ideological monopoly is in, and according to Groundswell, the solution is… another protest.

You’re not a protestor; you should not write submissions; you should write objections, use arguments that have a sound basis in law, reasoning, and proof.

What defines protest? You can find the definition in the Black’s Law Dictionary, as those are the only definitions that matter to an implied trust entity. Comprehending the meanings of words is essential. You need to learn how fictional entities define words; if you don’t, you’ll submit to legislation you should be objecting to, and you’ll be down a creek without a paddle. The knowledge that helps you avoid unworkable regulations is not overly hidden; you just need to seek it out. Who is responsible for bringing it to the forefront? Activist entities like Groundswell and Voices For Freedom and ex-Crown instruments like Matt King.

Ask every potential Crown instrument these questions – Is your trust name and your party in an express trust, and can your constituents/beneficiaries see and scrutinise the Constitution of your express trust? If they can’t answer that, you can’t know whether they can or will keep their campaign promises.

Have they influenced the spreading of information that leads you to freedom? Who knows, but various individuals and groups outside of these large groups have shared some hard-to-defeat arguments. These arguments utilise the responsibility that comes with the known, in conjunction with the appropriate humility of the unknown. So, let’s break down the unlawful nature of SNA’s and Three Waters, the moronic loss of our refining capabilities, and the pointless Farmer Tax.

SNAs are a backward attempt to reduce the loss of our wildlands; why is it backward? The native people (born here) are more responsible for pursuing symbiosis with their surroundings than international entities that work with the Crown. How do we know this? Because the area (Northland) that still rejects the Crown’s angle on hypothetical improvement is doing a better job than the Crown at expanding Significant Natural Areas. We’re doing this with minimal funding. SNAs are use-right commodities for the Crown. That way, the Crown can charge urban development monopolies extra for smart city urban development by stealing your use rights. This is how Christopher Luxon pays for the debt the useful idiots racked up for the COVID-19 Response. You know, that broad-spectrum symptom response that never addressed the hazard or the risks. Yet, provided tonnes of data (the new currency) and a reason to centralise DHB data for more theft under ACT’s policies.

Three Waters, or the Water Services Bill, attempts to take a middle-man piece out of water body “management.” It is a ridiculously unlawful piece of legislation that gets you to allow the regulation of your water through debt-laden corporations that exploit fresh water for China’s consumers. It’s another case of allowing a criminal organisation to work with others to tell you how to be “lawful” so we all hypothetically pursue the greater good. All without any proof that it will make society or the environment better. What makes this silly, is it can’t be a law without consent; the British Crown has no Constitutional jurisdiction here. The Crown of England vacated a generation ago; which means there’s no Treaty partner, that’s how clever Maori in the north avoid rates.

Wait, what did the Taxpayers Union, ACT, National, and some new mayors get us to do? Submissions? What does that mean again? Uh-oh…

The loss of our refining capabilities is not something the Crown got its hands dirty on; its job was to turn a blind eye while Channel Infrastructure management and past management Ideologues subverted it into the ground. I hope Groundswell’s protest doesn’t use too much diesel; rumour has it we’ve been going between short supply and poor quality. Two years in, how’s our imported bitumen going? Importing CO2 and sulphur fertiliser too? Aren’t we full of common sense?

If you want to learn more about the subversion of our most important strategic asset and what to do about it, click here.

Finally, the Farmer Tax, the belief that being carbon-negative and methane responsible still requires a tax to make us more climate mindful. We can burn methane and refine oil by reinstating and improving strategic assets like Kapuni and Marsden Point. Capture and use its bi-products to boost food production while recycling emissions and our plastic waste back into fuel. This means we’re also reducing the warming effect of future potential methane emissions by a factor of eighty-two and becoming more carbon-negative. How? By putting its bi-product components back into the soil, gas tank, and water table. Smart ay?

Farmers don’t just have the law, sound reasoning, and proof on their side; they have science on their side too. If we’re going to start measuring everything so the Crown can charge for every breath you take, charge them for every breath your plants take.

The argument and proof are on our side; we could have done better at articulating and marketing them, but better late than never. Don’t be sucked into political non-solutions that lead you into the urea pond. If these talking heads can’t back up their promises with proof that they can keep them, ignore them. If this “Farmer Tax” is the unlawful strawman that breaks the camel’s back, then let’s ensure we put out the correct solution. Surely, we Farmers have learned by now that the least worst option is still not a solution? Promises doth butter no parsnips, but Crown instruments bound to Express Trusts that have Express Constitutions might. Especially if it is written by the uncommon intelligence that does not care for the pursuit of power.


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