by Mike Bee

Fact after fact rolled dryly and matter-of-factly off his lips. … A
lone man in a sea of green, empty benches. It was a stunning sight…


I just happened to be awake around 3am Saturday morning (Friday afternoon in the U.K.) when Andrew Bridgen made his report to Parliament concerning excess deaths and the evidence of their connection to the pharmaceutical medical substances falsely called vaccines. I had gone to sleep as usual but had asked my Angel to wake me if it was important for me to see this. I found myself abruptly wide awake just as the debate was beginning. There was some trouble finding it, but suddenly the live Parliament cameras kicked in and there he was. A lone man in a sea of green, empty benches. It was a stunning sight. Though every member had been given special notice of the importance of the debate to come, almost all of them had stayed away. Why would virtually every member of Parliament, whose constituents are increasingly worried at the evidence that they are hearing and at the declining health of friends and relatives, choose to absent themselves from such an event?

Fact after fact rolled dryly and matter-of-factly off Andrew’s North West Leicestershire lips. (His talk can be followed today at ). When he finished, the public gallery erupted with cheers. We never saw those members of the public, and we should not have heard them either because the wall between public and MP’s is supposed to be sound-proof, but they wanted to have their say, and their cheers were loud! With a few minutes to go, a speaker on the other side of the House was given right of reply and you heard the usual official nonsense about robust safety trials and increases in deaths being due to the flu. Mid-sentence, time was up, and everything stopped on the dot of 3pm, English time. The camera shifted abruptly to the clock on the wall. Andrew Bridgen had had his debate, and that was it!

Andrew then went and addressed the crowd outside, but I couldn’t find a link. Feeling as if sleep was not going to be an option that morning, I looked to see what else was happening in the world and found a livestream link to votes for the Speaker at the U.S. House of Representatives. There were speeches in support of the two candidates, Jim Jordan (yay!) and Hakeem Jeffries (boo!), and the Badlands Media commentators pointed out that these speeches and the cheering that went with them were a formality – every Congressman and woman knew already how they would vote. Then every single member had to say the name of their choice for the job. At a certain point it was clear that Jim Jordan didn’t have the votes he needed, and it could have stopped then, but it had to go through to its end – 435 members saying “Jeffreys”, “Jordan” or, in some cases, another name. Then, despite the fact that an automatic count had shown the results onscreen as they happened, much time had to pass while the votes were tallied up. I lost patience after half an hour, the Badlands commentators ran out of things to say, and it would have been more exciting to watch my toenails growing. I attempted to make a quick calculation of the cost of what I’d seen – with the average Congressman’s salary at $175,000 a year – that’s $85 an hour, that’s 435 x $85, that’s $36,975, plus supporting staff – that means that, in the hour that I watched, a total of … It was as good a way as any to get back to sleep.

When I woke the next morning, I reflected on what I’d seen. I had been witness to the absolute uselessness of two institutions that had once been of great importance in the free world. When Beethoven planned to make his long-awaited visit to London (he never got there, although he pocketed the money given to him for the trip by the London Philharmonic Society) he stated that the first thing he would do would be to “kneel at that holy shrine to truth and goodness in the modern world – the Houses of Parliament!” If they had ever been a holy shrine, the light they once had radiated was certainly switched off that Friday afternoon!

And in Washington D.C., where Beethoven never considered visiting, were things any better? It is actually very fortunate for the world that there is no Speaker. With the office filled, Congress would be enabled to act on Biden’s request for further billions for Ukraine. The fact that there is no Speaker has turned off the taps, so to speak. And so, just days after this cessation of the flow of money, a new war breaks out in Israel – what a coincidence! But, because of the lack of a Speaker, the taps going there are turned off too. It is clear that, despite the outcry from those who want business as usual, the world is much better off with no Speaker in the House.

When things start breaking down in earnest, they show up in such places. New Zealand, like the U.S., has a temporary lull in parliamentary activity, and the New Zealand people can be grateful that for a little while no oppressive laws or new taxes can be passed. When it all starts functioning again, can we expect it to be just as useless as what we see in those other two countries? That is a very big question.

I’ve been having a friendly little difference of opinion recently with Olivia Pearson who strongly stood together with Cam Slater and most of the Reality Check Radio influencers in trying to persuade us not to waste our votes on minority parties but to back Winston Peters and New Zealand First. So, with Winston in and Liz still out in the cold, I was concerned to find out if Winston’s supporters would guarantee that he would do the one big thing that we wanted more urgently than anything else. I reminded Olivia of Winston’s promises to call a meaningful enquiry into Covid 19 and asked her if she still had the faith that he would do this. Certain people had been absolutely categorical that Winston was our only hope. After much prompting, I eventually got the following reply:

Mike, it’s as if you don’t absorb conversations we have and I end up having to repeat repeat repeat. Can be quite tiresome.

(Oh, dear. How would my lower ego handle such a rebuke!)

For the 100th time: I voted for NZ First not because I trust [or] put faith in Winston. I voted on the strength of his candidates and said over and over that the party is beyond just Winston now. He’s 78, heavily smokes and is triple jabbed. Eight seats is a very good showing considering his last election wipe out, but I’m disappointed that Murfitt, Harvey and Donahue missed out this time …”

So those of us who know that the new government is heavily dominated by members of an international, criminal cartel that, among other crimes, has been poisoning the entire planet and is now engaged in a desperate death-spiral of an attempted cover-up of its crimes are now dependent on someone who heavily smokes, probably drinks too much whiskey and is triple-jabbed. Or on the other seven members of his team. Should I leave the country now and make a run for Mexico while I still have the chance?

One of Winston’s calls for an enquiry (much weaker than Liz Gunn’s call for a criminal investigation) can be seen today at . Will he be the man of destiny that we want him to be? Liz Gunn says she will pass on to him all the data she is being given by her whistle-blower and let him have the glory. Perhaps, in this very unusual period to come, as gigantic evil is revealed, he will be the one who will be given the tiller for a time until the ship of fools can be set on a good course again. Or so much chaos will break out that all veneers of democratic niceness will cease, and chaos will drown the voices of those who want to bring justice to the situation.

The main thing I take from my musings on the democratic institutions of the U.K., U.S. and New Zealand is that it is natural that they are breaking down at this time. They are all the institutions of Babylon, and what is happening now is the destruction of that Babylonian system. One hundred years ago, Rudolf Steiner predicted that governments of all kinds that had functioned until World War One would have to die. They would be replaced, he said, by something that he called social three-folding that would arise inevitably and organically out of the chaos and ruins of the old. When the time was right, this new kind of government would appear though it was opposed by the entire accumulated power of hundreds of years of human history.

This new way of organising our human interactions would reflect a division of society into three separate realms that each have their own way of working. Governments would not cease altogether but would be severely limited in power and would be forced to keep to their true function which is to protect the rights of the individual. Any governmental overreach would be dealt with by the activity of the other two systems, one of which was the people themselves in the decisions they make as to how they wish to live their lives and the other one being the whole realm of economic activity with no BlackRock and with no central banking system. War would not be possible in this new system because the other two realms – both reaching out and making connections internationally – would stop any conflict between national governments that would go against the interests of the rest of society.

It may have been Winston Churchill who once said that, “Democracy is the worst form of government except for all the others.” Well, that was because he was only looking back. The new form that will serve us well in a very different world doesn’t yet exist but we are in the process of creating it. Every time corruption is uncovered, that takes away something of the illicit union of government and economy, and every time the people are set free from false dictates by governments who should not be interfering in their lives, that breaks the wrongful control of government over the people’s freely chosen activity. When all is done, we will have those three different spheres. We can’t look back any more at what has gone before but must keep our faith in that which is being created.

The breakdown of the old is easy to predict. What is more significant is to identify and encourage the formation of the new. It is a grave temptation to fixate only on the chaos, pain and suffering that accompanies the fall of the old. But Babylon must fall. Those who believe in the future watch it topple into the abyss but take care not to go down with it.

All that is happening is the result of a tremendous spiritual battle. We have chosen to be alive in this time of apocalyptic happenings, and we have the option to be warriors for the forces that fight for humanity against division and chaos. What happens in the near future will have an effect on the world that will last for thousands of years.

Let Babylon fall. The new world evolves, not out of power plays between earthly institutions but from the influx of spirituality that is streaming down into the rubble. Be a fighter for what cannot be seen as yet but which is coming as inevitably as the rising of the Sun!


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