by Mike Bee

Dear Alia, Libby and Claire,

At this moment in our country’s history, I think you would agree with me that, among those who fight against tyranny and for the values of truth and freedom for all New Zealanders, UNITY is something important.

By unity, I do not mean we all must think the same, nor that we all should have the same style. Voices for Freedom has a distinctive style which is quite different from that of other groups such as my own Counterspin Media, for example, and this is something to be welcomed. The kind of unity I am talking about is a quality that is the result of people being able to embrace their differences of style, for such differences are the realities of who we are, and to weld themselves together like different battalions of a single army who fight out of what they have in common.

What is it that we have in common? The New Zealand that we feel in our hearts and that some of us experienced in Wellington in February 2022. The New Zealand that stands up against tyranny and corruption. The New Zealand that we want to pass on to our children and grandchildren. The New Zealand that is the very opposite of the elite global tyranny of Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum and the UN and their New World Order.

What we fight against is no one party but a many-headed monster that always seems to manage to keep one step ahead of those who oppose it and that is skilled in exploiting divisions among its adversaries. At present there is division amongst us, and this is an appeal to do away with that. For right now, New Zealand needs us as a united army.

Since Voices for Freedom began its work in 2020, you have done an amazing job in building a community that embraces your aims. You are not exactly radical. Your style recently has been to assist members to prepare for the crisis to come and be more self-sufficient, and who could object to that? But, with your great strength of numbers, will you join us more strongly in calling out evil? Because something is happening here, and we need your help and the commitment of all your members.

New Zealand is in a unique position where the eyes of the world are upon us. How long will this situation last? It may build like a snowball coming down a mountain, but it may also dissipate. The powers-that-should-not-be are counting on dissipation rather than amalgamation.

The unique situation we are in is due to one man, Barry Young. At great personal risk, he has made data available that proves conclusively that the New Zealand health authorities have shown themselves to be guilty of covering up the death of at least 10,000 New Zealanders. They cannot even look at what he has given to the world, for to do so would be to see the figures clearly stated, and from then on, if they did not immediately put a moratorium on all further medical intervention, they would be criminally negligent and liable for arrest.

Isn’t this, surely, a hill to die on? To work together to bring the transparency that will take away the rock under which such great criminality is concealed. And if the health authorities really will not acknowledge the data and insist on continuing to poison people and to advertise their poison as “safe and effective”, to stir up such indignation among those who have not been completely brainwashed that people-power forces those authorities to take some kind of action other than merely pretending to ignore it.

Reality Check Radio has interviewed Barry, and you’ve helped in many ways, but you also muddied the waters by making allegations against Liz Gunn and the way the data was released. This was in your statement of 28th October. You said she was seeking publicity when she was only acting to save lives. Without mentioning Liz by name, you made it clear who you were talking about and made the charge that, “Ego, fame, or glory for being the first to ‘break a story‘, particularly prematurely, has no place in such a serious matter and deserves to be called out.” I can remember the shock I felt when I first read that and then the sense of betrayal as others in the freedom movement who for some reason don’t like Liz weighed in to support it.

Barry himself says that Liz Gunn is “the bravest of the brave” and that she “has delivered 1,000%”. It would be a small thing for you to admit that your statement above was in error. Politicians never seem to be able to admit to making mistakes – genuine human beings do.

An apology to Liz from you would open the door for her to reach out to you. New Zealanders want unity in the Truth and Freedom movements. And New Zealand as a whole, suffering and traumatised in ways it has never experienced before, needs that unity. Liz Gunn with all her supporters and you three with all yours working together – is that not impossible to ask?

I know people who are faithful to Liz and who say they will never let go of what they read in your statement. But you could help them to let it go of it by making a clarifying statement that shows you have put this firmly behind you. We want you to work together with Liz. We want to see that you are dedicated to the task of saving New Zealand and that this is stronger in you than any personal ambition you may have or your desire to position yourselves for the future.

One suggestion for working together – why don’t you three and Liz Gunn meet together online with Steve Kirsch, whose latest article is directed at giving absolute proof that the data is conclusive, and Andrew Bridgen and some other significant people worldwide. Working together in such a way, all our voices would become stronger – less reactive and more calm and authoritative when we insist that these things just should not be!

Of course, Reality Check Radio has a lot of different commentators on it. Some of them (like Cam Slater) are fully behind Winston Peters, and some of them seem to have had more common sense and may have looked into the man’s previous record to predict what he might do after he had got people’s votes. But differences of opinion among a diverse group are to be expected, and the truth about Winston and other things will come out in time. I am not saying anything about these people, and I anyway find I hardly ever have any time to listen to them.

Whatever its flaws, RCR is a lot better than all the alternatives, and I wish it well. (I would only add that to be a genuine grassroots alternative, it needs to go into talkback so that we can hear what real Kiwis think about things and not just your commentators.) I shall say nothing more about all those radio personalities – this letter is addressed to you three because it is you who are the tip of the spear regarding what VFF means to people. You three set the agenda – you speak to the hopes or despairs of the many who follow and support you.

Barry has given us a most amazing example of selflessness and dedication. I asked him if he was aware of the Protective Disclosures Act of 2000 that guarantees protection to whistle-blowers such as himself. Incredibly, he was not aware of this because all he was thinking of at the time was the saving of lives. In his words:

I just knew it was something I had to do, no matter what. In my heart and mind, the people of NZ will always come first, and if there is something potentially killing them, they need to be made aware, and to hell with the consequences! I don’t feel anything special about it. I just have a moral compass and in the words of the 1980’s Stranglers song ‘Skin deep’, ‘Sometimes it’s tougher to look than to leap’.

Words like that can only come from one who is the very embodiment of the best qualities of New Zealand. He has been dismissed from his position and faces seven years in prison and says that prison is to be his fate, at least his conscience will be clear. After agonising for a long time, he did what he knew he had to do and, in his first night at Rimutaka Prison, slept better than he had done for years.

It is as if Barry has raised the bar on what all of us need to be doing. I’m sorry if I seem to be picking on you three. The truth is that we all have made a whole host of mistakes and have gremlins of inertia and petty emotion within us that we need to transform and transcend. Draining the swamp must be done at two different levels – one level is in the outer world but the other is in ourselves. Until we’ve addressed the second level of this, we are all reactive and able to be manipulated; the opposition knows how to exploit this. But the opposition has no answer for people who overcome these emotions and unite in love and in a clear and selfless purpose. The people united is what they fear. How can New Zealand unite if different factions of those who are at the forefront of bringing truth into the world are squabbling with each other?

Wellington, February 2022, was such a strong experience because it was spontaneous. There were no leaders. We followed a purpose that was greater than our own individual wills, and a greater will than we alone brought us into relationship with each other. We showed each other that we could create an incredible community and stand up to everything that was thrown against us. That kind of instinctive energy could not last, and after March 2nd we had to go beyond that and work separately in our different ways. But I believe we have to put energy now into overcoming what divides us. Barry was the first one to do that. You three wonderful ladies could take up his example.

What does Barry himself have to say on the matter of coming together?

My greatest wish is for all the freedom movements to unite on this to bring it to the people’s attention. We need to aim up, not down. At the end of the day, who benefits when the freedom movements are fighting amongst themselves? It certainly isn’t the people of NZ.

The election, where different parties were pitted against each other and we were torn in different directions, some putting faith in Winston Peters and some knowing his previous record and refusing to do this, is now behind us. Winston Peters may still call out wrong-doing, but only if he is forced into doing this by all of us. He is a reed that bends to his own advantage in whichever way the wind is blowing; it is the people of New Zealand who are really in charge of what is to come. For us to become powerful, individuals must transcend themselves. Then we will be unstoppable. People can still tend their gardens and become self-sufficient, but at some stage they must stand up and take back their power. If you would set an example in that, I believe a large part of this country could go through a significant process of healing.

The other thing that needs to happen is for more insiders to come forward. It is always one of the chief factors that brings evil regimes down, when the deeds of darkness are brought out into the light. Politicians, health officials and the mainstream media will cover the evidence up relentlessly – they will never admit wrong-doing – but in the end the truth becomes a force that they cannot stand up against. It has always happened this way to tyrants in the past, and it will happen again. How can we assist it to happen?

Dr Philip McMillan has looked at the data and made a video where he shows that New Zealand’s data is unique in that it was gathered before there was any covid so that we can see from it that deaths were not due to covid but to the Pfizer experimental jab. The onus on pushing for transparency can only come from the New Zealand people:

If this data is pulled aside and hidden and the world has no opportunity to independently analyse it and review it, that’s a cost to the whole world. … My perspective on this is irrelevant. If I am not in New Zealand and am unable to apply pressure on the government and the health service and to get freedom of information. … The only people who can do this are Kiwis. So the people in NZ have to demand that this is properly reviewed. They have to do it on behalf of the rest of the world. And if they don’t, it’s quite possible that we may never see this data again.

Barry himself echoes this. Speaking about his work for the government, he says:

I loved working there; it’s full of good people. But as I say, bad things happen when good people do nothing. There are other systems and things in place which people have access to, e.g. the CARM database, and I would only wish some others would come out. Let’s hope 🙂

New Zealanders uniting more and more at ever deeper levels will create an atmosphere where more potential insiders will feel empowered to come forward. Every thought, every feeling that we have is potentially significant to this. We can imbue the land with the kind of fearlessness that will ensure that sunlight shines into dark places.

Alia, Libby and Clare – you are not the only ones who could do this at a higher level than you have shown us so far, but you have a unique position in the land. The example you could set and what you could give to the 100,000 or so among those who follow you could become a powerful tipping-point. May all who hate corruption and fight tyranny unite, and may our leaders – you and Liz Gunn and many more – come together as warriors who have overcome their petty jealousies and ambitions and are able to give each other strength!

One thing that you could do immediately would be to encourage your members to attend the “New Hope” picnics in support of Barry, happening in parks all over New Zealand at midday this Sunday. And for those in Wellington to support his court appearance the day after. Having different groups talking hard with each other this weekend would be a great first step in bringing us all together.



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