Agent Smith to Global HQ directors. Daily Report #3138a, 13th August 2023: Disturbing trends in the South Pacific laboratory nation of Aotearoa (NZ)


By Mike Bee.

Dear Shadow Command NWO Global HQ:

Previous economic reports have concentrated on the unprecedented successes of our plan to transform New Zealand (now known as Aotearoa) into a shining example of a failed state through the arts of our predatory lending practices and various other measures that we have taken. In just 40 years, we have turned these two small and insignificant islands from a place where average citizens there were able to feel safe, prosperous and hopeful concerning their future into a nation that has hardly any economic sovereignty left and stands on the brink of total economic annihilation which will come, of course, when we choose to pull the plug on its economy by turning off the tap of money we lend to it that it can never repay so that we can then consume all remaining assets at bargain prices!

My last report detailed the success of that carefully-crafted operation, begun in New York in June last year, between our special agent, Jacinda Ardern, and Black Rock Inc. Despite the obvious adverse effects of it for the country – that the $2 billion BlackRock “lends” to AotearoaNZ is actually AotearoaNZ’s own money, taken from reductions in interest payments it owes us, and that the “100% renewable” idea is an impossibility based on a fraud that we are able to use to our advantage to accelerate our plunder – this blatant act of economic robbery was presented to the people as a great benefit to them. Careful work over many years – but especially since Jacinda nationalised the mainstream media – led to this being hardly challenged at all by the pseudo Fourth Estate. (I repeat my recommendation of Daily Report #3137 that a new timely bonus payment made to one of Jacinda’s overseas bank accounts should reflect our deep gratitude to her for her treasonous actions to AotearoaNZ and her loyalty to us.)

Yes, there have been many successes in our short, medium and long-term handling of the AotearoaNZ economy and our dumbing down of its people. The way in which the pandemic was used here to destroy small businesses and to accelerate the rate of destructive lending to its government has been most gratifying to us. Armies of infiltrated agents are this moment putting finishing touches to our plan to build a digital prison around its citizens and, though there are some “smart-asses” amongst the the hoi polloi of its citizens, most of them do not see our hidden hand in all that is happening around them.

But I must turn now from our many successes to give information to your lordships of a new and disturbing trend. Though we control, of course, all of the regular political parties, one small party has recently begun presenting policy on a regular basis that is potentially of great danger to our carefully laid fabrications and untruths. The number of those who follow this party is small and insignificant at this point, and yet I believe we must pay attention to it because of the clarity of insight of its leader, a very stupid woman who once worked for us in the media but foolishly turned away from everything that we were giving her when she had some scruples of conscience. This woman’s name is Liz Gunn, and today she released her party’s economic policy. In one short video she was able to concisely summarise much of the economic sabotage that we have been able to accomplish against her country and provide alternative policies which would be devastating to us if they were ever implemented. There is little chance of implementation of these policies at this point, but in an information war any messages of truth that make their way through our filters could give the inhabitants of AotearoaNZ some degree of hope, and I do not need to emphasise to your worships how dangerous genuine hope is and how it can swiftly turn into actions taken against us.

Much of what the Gunn woman says has been said before by others, but she speaks so to the point that there are dangers here of large numbers of people becoming unified behind her very rational policy and feeling inspired by it. (We hate it when that sort of thing happens – we have so many ways to keep them all squabbling among themselves.)

Liz Gunn speaks at the outset of the long campaign we have waged to privatise AotearoaNZ’s assets and to de-industrialise the country and outsource everything offshore. This has been done in many places in the western world, but AotearoaNZ was our laboratory for getting it underway, and we do not wish to see any of our great achievements reversed. We have trained a whole army of experts to use impeccable systems of logic that basically make it impossible to deny the narrative that we want people to believe – that private companies can manage the resources that formerly belonged to the country itself better than its own government can and that becoming dependent on importing products is a more efficient means to run a country than to be self-sufficient. By constant repetition of our propaganda and by the use of jargon that disempowers ordinary people from feeling they can understand the issues, our experts are able to prove that white is black and good is bad. The people of AotearoaNZ have a distinct relationship to those animals that are quite widespread down here that are called sheep, and it has been a pleasure over the years to observe the unmitigated success of how we have been able to place into their minds the ideas we wish them to take up.

Ms Gunn correctly identifies the “systematic demolition” of her country that we have achieved and proposes various measures to reverse this. Yes, I know you are thinking how naïve and impossible this is, but I respectfully suggest that you pay attention to my warnings, for a minor irritation could easily become a much greater problem that may demand extreme measures to rectify it. She makes it clear that what has happened to her country until now has not merely been bad luck but has happened according to the well-laid plans of Agenda 2030 and our activities taken to destroy her county’s economy, waged over many years.

Ms Gunn focuses on five areas of the economy that she claims must be serving the interests of the people – finance, communications, energy, water and transportation. She systematically goes through what she would do to allow the people to take back power in these five areas. I include a copy of her dangerous heresies here. Unfortunately, I do not believe she is repeating the old socialist/communist dogmas, which we could easily divert to serve our interests, but separates government and business while advocating for competent “stewards” who will manage these five areas in the best interests of the country. She correctly states that a country’s well-being depends on these five sectors of its economy, which is why we have worked so hard over the years to destroy them whenever they were present in the way she intends. (I’m sure if she were ever to begin setting up such a system, we could corrupt key personnel with higher offers – this has always worked well in the past!)

Most Aotearoans believe their “Reserve Bank” is owned by their government. Even if this were true, it would be irrelevant as we completely own the government! But, of course, it is not true and is a part of our global banking network. She would nationalise it. Yes, a crazy idea – money being used to serve the people rather than its overlords – but I told you this woman was dangerously stupid! How can we ever impose our digital system of control and bring in slavery through the social credit system that we will connect to it if we do not have full spectrum dominance of the entire banking sector?

Liz Gunn would create a “people’s provider” in the realm of communications. She recognizes also the importance of energy and would reopen Marsden Point, the closing of which was one of our most significant recent victories. (I played a key role in that myself and was looking forward immensely to the sale of the hydro-cracker, worth $200 million at least to an offshore company, for something like $30 million and, most ridiculous of all, replacing that whole outfit with solar panels! I’ve even been thinking we could add in some windmills too – the idea really tickles my warped sense of humour!) Well, Ms Gunn wants to reopen this and build a second refinery (I think it should really be an LPG processing plant, but don’t tell her) in the South Island. She correctly states that AotearoaNZ has huge reserves of oil and natural gas that, if well-managed, would serve the people for millennia and that the climate change narrative is nothing but a fraud, put in place by us as a means of transferring wealth as we restructure the world economy in our image. (Kiwis have been mesmerised by Jacinda’s “Build back better,” haha! They actually think the Greens care about the environment, hahaha!)

She also turns her attention to water, making the absurd claim that “no one owns it,” and threatening to reverse the very successful progress we have made in fluoridating it, dropping 1080 into it and allowing its infrastructure to become decrepit.

My lords, I hope this serves to alert you to the danger posed by this woman. Do not take her lightly! The people of AotearoaNZ are a strange bunch, naïve and easy to manipulate in some ways, but in possession of deep reserves of courage and patriotism which could, in this present climate of a global awakening, easily become very tricky for us. I see them as being a bit like hobbits, and your worships will remember what trouble hobbits caused for Sauron, the ruler of that world, who is, of course, a fairly accurate, fictional copy of the spiritual ruler we serve!

We are, of course, using all our powers of censorship on her. She is shadow-banned and mainly ignored by the paid-off mainstream media. When the media do turn their attention to her, they will no doubt have well-researched stories that dismiss her as a hysterical woman. Whatever they say, you have read from me that she is dangerous because her ideas are true and because they have the potential to unite Aotearoans around the idea that they feel that there is a great future for their country if they can free themselves from the future we have in mind for them.

I close my report, confident in the knowledge that you will pay attention to my words and that our diabolical relationship can continue to the benefit of both parties.

I am, as always,

your obedient servant,

Agent Smith


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